The impact of school choice

The ease of having a conversation is something we take for granted.  For those with autism, this seemingly simple act can be a challenge. My daughter Olga experienced this in her brick-and-mortar classroom. The environment was overwhelming and caused her to crawl into a shell and fall behind her peers. But now that she’s enrolled in an online school, she’s discovered confidence she never knew she had.

At her new school, Arizona Virtual Academy, Olga’s receiving personal attention from her teachers which helps her to understand the lessons. This extra support is exactly what she needed to push herself forward. She’s truly excited for school every day.

Most importantly, online school is helping Olga find her voice. This past year, she started an environmental club to pursue an area she’s passionate about. This involved her speaking to groups and arranging outings with other members to clean up parks in the Phoenix area. With the confidence she’s gained thanks to online school, she wasn’t afraid of the challenge.

The opportunity to take hold of her education has truly benefited Olga. Without it, it’s hard to imagine where she would be today.

Susan Fritz
New River