Re: Carefree Mayor’s to the editor, May 24, 2019:

Mr. Peterson,

I was very annoyed by your deceptive attempt to spread false rumors, your deceitful claim that “some individuals” seek to “re-imposed” Term Limits for Carefree, and your disrespect for the will and intelligence of Carefree Voters.

You know better but chose not to be truthful!

As you well know, a majority Carefree Voters passed Term Limits for Carefree Town Council members and Mayors in March 2011 by a Super majority, and subsequently twice rejected attempts to remove them.

Term Limits have been, and remain, a valid component of the Carefree Town Code under Section 2-1-9 Limitation of Terms. Nothing has changed!  Except, prior to the passage of HB-2721, general law towns such a Carefree did not have the ability to enforce Term Limits because Arizona Statutes had been quiet on the issue.  No Longer. HB-2721 gives ALL towns within Arizona the right to have Term Limits and is enforceable now under State law.   

Please stop trying to confuse and deceive Carefree citizens!

Name Withheld Upon Request
A Concerned Carefree Citizen