A bedrock for the community

Editor’s note: In the June 5 print edition of Sonoran News it was incorrectly reported that Mike Noonan’s passing was June 28. Mike passed on May 28. We regret the error and apologize to Mike’s family and friends.

A member of the Cave Creek community passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack Tuesday, May 28. The town will remember Mike Noonan as a cyclist, real estate agent and town advocate.
“He educated me on some of the issues within the town where real estate plays a part and how to get the best for our community,” said Eileen Wright, a friend and colleague of Noonan’s.
Noonan voiced his concerns for underlying real estate issues in town meetings. As a real estate agent, he sold homes in as little as 55 days. He was seen riding up to meetings on a motocross bike with a side satchel slung across his chest.
“He loved the town of Cave Creek. He and I worked together when I was a council woman on several various projects for the town and he devoted a great deal of time to the community. He cared about it very deeply,” said Wright.
In 1990 Noonan opened Cave Creek Bike Shop, a risky business due to larger, and more commercialized bike shops within driving distance. Noonan dreamed of bringing back the community bike shop. Not only did he want a place where local cyclists would go for repairs, tune-ups and advice, but somewhere bikers could connect with one another through the cyclist lifestyle. The business was a success, eventually owned and operated by Kaolin Cosmo Cummens, a customer and employee. The shop has since been relocated beside Local Jonny’s and named Flat Tire Bike Shop.
“He has been a bedrock to the community so to speak. He was a multifaceted person. Never once did he bail on the community,” said Cummens.
Noonan’s funeral service details have not been released to the public but his community’s sympathies are with his family.