No More Bees!

Dear Mr. Sorchych,

No More Bees !

This is a follow-up to my last letter titled “No More Birds” in which I explained that the dove population is being decimated in the Sonoran Desert.  In my remarks I also wrote that I have noticed a virtual disappearance of nearly all insect life but even more disturbing is the absence of bees. There is a correlation. Because of the exceptional rainfall we’ve had, the Palo Verde trees are in a spectacular bloom this spring but there is one anomaly, there are NO BEES present! 

In past years my wife and I would always hear a loud rumbling sound from the hundreds of bees buzzing around our Palo Verdes. This year the silence is deafening, “my God” I asked, “where have all the bees gone?”  After doing much research I found that folks in every part of our country AND the world were not seeing bees. People just aren’t seeing bees in their gardens any longer, but why?

It is my feeling that the bee population is being decimated by the so called, Geo Engineering that has been going on.  By simply looking skyward, those long white lines you are seeing are chemicals which are being sprayed on every corner of the earth.  These chemicals, commonly referred to as “CHEMTRAILS,” include Aluminum, Lithium, radioactive Strontium & Barium and a host of other very nasty toxins. 

The toxic spraying is being done under the auspices of the UN, the US military and Harvard University. It is being conducted by military aircraft and commercial airlines.  The commercial airlines are being subsidized with US taxpayer dollars.  The goal is to cool the atmosphere by blocking out the sun for the sake of what they refer to as “climate change.” 

In spite of the fact that thousands of top scientists from all over the world disagree with the “climate change hoax” as many of them call it, the program continues being funded with US taxpayer dollars. 

Do any of your readers ever recall being notified about this program, do they recall giving their consent, or voting for it?  The public played no role and had absolutely no voice in this covert operation but they are now being confronted with it’s devastating consequences.

There can be no doubt that the 24/7 spraying is killing off the insects and is now destroying the bee population.  Everyone must understand what the consequences are.  By destroying the bees we are facing our own peril. Without bees there can be no pollination, without this natural interaction between insects and plants there will be no more flowers or vegetables or fruits.  It seems like science fiction but it is happening and it’s happening NOW!  It begins with the destruction of insect life, then bird life then small mammals then us.

We must not allow this environmental catastrophe to continue, speak out, tell your families and your friends, make your voices heard because our very existence depends on it.  If any of your readers have comments or their own observations please email me at:

Please, whatever you do, GET INVOLVED BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE !

Thank you very much.

Gary j. Zalimeni