Out of control crisis at the wide open southern border

Joseph R. John

For the last 75 years, the US Congress voted hundreds of billions of dollars to fund the US Armed Forces to protect the borders of many foreign countries, and funded  the construction of the border walls in those foreign countries.  To date, 65 countries and the Vatican have built border walls that actually work; they have successfully prevented the incursion of unwanted and dangerous entrants.  

Americans Citizens have grown weary of the intentional lies being repeated by Pelosi, Schumer, the Socialist Democrat Party, and the left of center liberal media establishment, that there is not an out of control “Crisis At The Wide Open Southern Border”.   The massive influx of Illegal Aliens from all over the world, now entering the United States is not a figment of the US Border Patrol’s  imagination, over .  There has been a 300% increase in family units crossing the border each month, over the numbers of family units recorded as having entered during the same months one year ago.

While 38,000 US Veterans, who repeatedly put their lives on the line to defend their fellow American citizens, remain homeless, sleeping on the streets, and in need of food, medical care, shelter, and financial aid.  The Democrats in House and Sanctuary Cities are facilitating the arrival of thousands of Illegal Aliens, as documented in the below listed article.  Social Services in over 400 Sanctuary Cities and states are providing Illegal Aliens with food stamps, medical care, financial aid to pay for housing, and education for Illegal Alien children—-the 38,000 homeless Veterans who are American citizens are not being provided with any of those benefits by the same Social Services.  

From 0ctober 2018 to January 2019, 268,000 Illegal Aliens, who came across the wide open southern border were interdicted by US Border Patrol Agents (that means that 536.000 Illegal Aliens were not interdicted, and entered the US illegally).  In February 2019, 76,000 Illegal Aliens were interdicted by the US Border Patrol, in March 2019, 103, 000 Illegal Aliens were interdicted by the US Border Patrol at the wide open southern border, that means that 362,000 Illegal Aliens were not interdicted in February and March 2019. 

Throughout the month of April 2019, well organized caravans repeatedly arrived at the southern border, and today the largest caravan to date, with 20,000 Illegal Aliens, is approaching the wide open southern border.  Chaos at the U.S. border with Mexico continued throughout the last week, with major arrests through the Easter weekend that included drug smugglers and their deadly wares, “migrant” smugglers with their human cargo of young girls who were repeatedly raped before being sold into prostitution, and with hundreds of Convicted Illegal-Alien Criminals with their intent to repeat their preying on innocent American Citizens.

Reports from Customs and Border Protection depict not just a border under siege but an agency whose dedicated employees can’t possibly hold back the surging mass of humanity and what washes in with it.  The Border Patrol is estimating that they will interdict 1.5 million Illegal Aliens in 2019, that means that another 3 million Illegal Aliens will have entered the US without being interdicted; that means that 10,950 Illegal Aliens will be entering the US illegally every day in 2019—-it is complete chaos.

The migrant caravan invasions (of mostly men) in November and December 2018 were not spontaneous.  They were and are highly organized operations; their goal was to “degrade US Security”.  They were organized by multiple UN Agencies, numerous “Open Borders” organizations, CAIR, MECHA, the American Friends Services Committee (a Quaker group that has had ties to the Communist Party since the 1920s), and Chicago-based organizations founded by Left Wing Activists, Emma Lozano—Pueblo Sin Fronteras, La Familia Latino Unida, and Centro Sin Fronteras Community Services Network.  

Illegal Immigration is not only unjust, and cruel for millions of American taxpayers who can no longer afford to pay for the billions of dollars in living cost for millions for Illegal Aliens.  Thousands of American citizens have been killed, brutalized, burglarized, raped, and robbed by Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens over the last 10 year (Ice Agents have arrested 266,000 Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens preying on Americans within the US over the last two years).  Since 2003, 14 police officers have been murdered by Illegal Aliens.

The numbers of Illegal Aliens is estimated to be over twice the 11 million figure that  the left of center liberal media establishment and the Progressives, Socialist, Marxists, and Communists in Congress have been telling Americans are illegally present for the last 18 years.  They repeated, year after year, that there were 11 million Illegal Aliens in the US (that number never changed for 18 years).  The actual number of Illegal Aliens in the US is much higher than the 11 million figure r referred to by the leftist media, year after year, for 18 years, to unsuspecting American Citizens. 

It is realistically estimated by watchdogs , that there are from 25,000,000 to 35,000,000 Illegal Aliens in the US.   It is estimated that 3 million Illegal Aliens, from countries all over the world (including from countries supporting Radical Islamic Terrorists who openly hostile to the United States), are projected by CBP to illegally enter the US in 2019.  To get a handle on how many Illegal Aliens are living in the US, for the first times since 1950, the 2020 census will include a question, asking the person interviewed, if they are a US Citizen, and if they were actually born in the US.  

The annual cost for American Citizens taxpayers, to cover the cost of welfare supporting “one” Illegal Alien is $82,000/year, and therefore for 25 to 35 million Illegal Aliens, the annual welfare cost is over $2050 trillion/year.  Americans can no longer afford to divert the use of their taxes, away from repairing infrastructure, in order to allocate $2050 trillion each year to cover the welfare costs of Illegal Aliens.  California Illegal Aliens receive 1/3rd of “all” the food stamps issued in the United States, and has more residents on welfare than most countries in the world.  

The ultimate goal of the Radical Marxist Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Tom Perez, and the 50 Communist, Marxist, and Socialists elected members of Congress is to have all Illegal Aliens vote in US elections (Nancy Pelosi actually said that in Congress on March 7th, she said she wanted Illegal Aliens to vote).  It was reported that 4 million Illegal Aliens voted in California in the 2016 Presidential election, and in the 2018 Congressional election.

There were 42,000 murders in Mexico last year (the heads of law enforcement officers were posted on stakes in various cities in Mexico by drug cartels), it is one of the least safe country in the world.  The Mexican government has lost complete control of the Los Zetas, Juárez and Sinaloa drug cartels and human trafficking criminal organizations.  Those drug cartels represent an immediate and ongoing dangerous threat to U.S. National Security Interest of the United States.  In 2017, 62,000 Americans died from the scourge of opioids smuggled across the wide open border, into the US, and in 2018 the number has increased to over 71,000; there are now more deaths in the US annually from opioids, than from the deaths from breast cancer. 

In Mexico there are new health scare warnings being announced by Mexican health care professionals.  The warnings are about the spread of measles, mumps, typhus, syphilis, small pox, and tuberculosis.  Some Illegal Alien children entering the US, transport mosquitos in their clothing, that are carrying very dangerous infectious diseases.  Numerous epidemics that normally sweep across Central America have become a health hazard, sweeping across the Mexico and the United States, especially affecting children enrolled  in public grammar schools, where US children are required to go to school with new Illegal Alien children.  US Border Patrol Agents have been infected by Illegal Aliens with various infectious diseases like Scalia, tuberculosis, typhus, and other infectious diseases listed below

The US Nationality Act requires the enforcement of US Federal Quarantine Laws.  Those Quarantine Laws were once enforced meticulously on Ellis Island for every immigrant who ever entered the United States.  Because of the Catch and Release Policy, US Quarantine Laws are virtually ignored as they apply to millions of Illegal Aliens crossing the wide open US Southern Border daily.  Illegal Aliens with suspected diseases are no longer being quarantined for 90 days to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  

An aggressive mosquito transmits the deadly enterovirus (EV-D68) and yellow fever, and some infectious diseases are transmitted by insects, including the spread dengue fever.  EV-D68 has been responsible for at least 14 deaths in the US.  Illegal Aliens are bringing in many infectious diseases into the US like measles and typhus which is spreading throughout the nation, enterovirus (EV-D68), dengue fever, dangerous strains of Flu, Scalia, Tuberculosis, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox, Leprosy, and even Malaria. 

The out of control crisis at the wide open southern border with record surges in drugs, opioids, MS-13 gang members, Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens, smuggling of hundreds young girls being raped & sold into prostitution, Radical Illegal Terrorists, with the introduction of infectious disease in the US, and the entry of millions of Illegal Aliens from countries from all over the world, pose a major National Security threat to the United States. There is a humanity and National Security crisis at the wide open southern US border. 

The solution to control the crisis at the border is to build new walls, create new infrastructure, and for Congress to pass new laws to streamline the broken immigration system.  The Democrat-controlled House, just place a rider on the VA funding bill, that will block all funding for any walls at the border. 

Instead of conspiring to overthrow the President of the United States and issuing hundreds of subpoenas, the Democrat-controlled House should do one of the main reasons they were elected to do——-pass laws to  fix the broken US Immigration System and correct the failed US Immigration Laws on the books that were made ineffective by lower court rulings. 

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt., USN(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC