It looks real

God Bless America

Perceptive kids

These little kids had a big idea. Medford, MA fourth graders Isa and Eric had an idea that made it safer for them and their classmates as they make their ways to and from school, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. Eric’s brother had had a near miss with a car that interrupted him in a crosswalk on his way to school. So, Eric brainstormed a solution with his schoolmate, Isa. The ten-year-olds came up with the idea of painting a 3-D crosswalk at a particularly dangerous crossing. Drivers instinctively slow down, lest they run into what they perceive to be a raised barrier straddling the roadway. “When you’re walking across you can tell it’s painted, but what we hope is, when you’re driving down, you’ll see it as 3D, three dimensional. So it looks real,” Isa told a local CBS news reporter.

Java Junkies

There are those die-hard coffee drinkers who will tell you that they couldn’t survive without a cup of Joe. But, according to Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], Switzerland’s Federal Office for National Economic Supply has declared that you don’t need jitter juice to survive in an emergency. So, the authorities plan to eliminate coffee from the nation’s emergency stockpile of foodstuff.  It is likely that they will have a fight on their hands. The Swiss drink 20 pounds of the stuff annually, more than twice as much as the British who average 7.2 pounds a year and the Americans who brew about 9.9 pounds per person yearly.

No joke

April Fools’ Day was fast approaching and, perhaps, the newly elected civil court judge in Texas was feeling frisky when he posted a message online that he might now make a run for a seat on the state’s Supreme Court. Unfortunately, says Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], the Texas constitution takes such an announcement seriously and automatically accepts such a statement as an official resignation.  Harris County Civil Court judge, Bill McLeod says it was a misunderstanding but it doesn’t look like the powers will see it his way.