Stargazer: April 17 – 23, 2019

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For All Signs: This week Mercury completes its episode of backtracking that began on March 5, 2019. In the days since it turned direct on March 28 it has been retracing former steps. Symbolically this suggests that plans or an idea, first conceived in February, 2019, has been subjected to a variety of changes and new definitions. If it survived the myriad conversions, it now is ready to be completed in its final form (at least as final as anything ever becomes.) This phenomenon also represents encouraging news and resolutions for those who have experienced typical Mercury difficulties with communications or computer systems in recent weeks.

Aries the Ram: (Mar 20—Apr 19th ) Mercury travels rapidly through your sign between April 17 and May 5, 2019. During this period there likely will be greater emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels. Venus enters your sign on April 20 and will be traveling “with you” through May 14. Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look.

Taurus: You have a need to be alone and quiet during this period. That is why social life is not going so well. Give attention to your inner life and notice what your thoughts may be manifesting. Is it really what you want in your future? Think carefully. Pay heed to your dreams as a means of discerning what has been unconscious and wants to surface.

Gemini: You are finishing a work project and shifting gears into new territory this week. You will be focusing on communications with friends, acquaintances, and building your network. A friend may be in need of your assistance.

Cancer: You and partner may accidentally slip into old, outdated patterns of behavior or communication. You will recognize it because the experience will feel icky with a touch of slime. Back out of that situation ASAP and call it for what it is. Old habits that are no longer useful.

Leo: Your general attention is shifting for the next month into the arena of your career and overall life direction. Whatever you have created thus far will be noticed and perhaps applauded. As a talented leader, you may attract an invitation to manage an upcoming project. Change in career or your work in the world is on your doorstep.

Virgo: Your attention shifts to matters of shared resources for the next three weeks. “Resources” include time, things of material value, energy and sexuality. The territory is wide, ranging from the mundane study of the budget, to investments, and even to important discussions with partners over the need for greater intimacy.

Libra: Venus, your ruling planet, has entered the 7th house of relationships and will be there until mid-May. She brings improvements in clientele, social life, and partnerships. This is a good time to ask for a professional consultation if you need it. You are especially able to balance with others during this period in order to create win-win solutions.

Scorpio: Now is a good time to give more attention to your physical condition. Take a serious look at your diet and exercise program to learn how you can help your body feel much better. Your vehicle may also need attention.

Sagittarius: Last week on April 10, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, turned retrograde. Your ongoing activity may have pressed the pause button while you rethink your upcoming plans. Retrograde motion suggests a need for more analysis and research before plunging into new territory. There may be nothing wrong, other than the need to strategize more carefully.

Capricorn: The Goats like to be in charge and will always take control if things seem to be out of order. This week you may need to take the lead, but it is important that you take others into consideration. You are not the only one with a brain. Give others a chance to register their ideas alongside yours.

Aquarius: You are potentially your own worst enemy this week. It is true that you are becoming worn out with things as they are, but it is probably too soon to speak your truth yet. Bide your time and if necessary, document developments. In a few months you will have your opportunity.

Pisces: Beware of telling yourself what you want to hear this week, especially so if your story is about financial matters. Either you or someone else has fed you a tale that you want to believe. The time has come to see reality in your checkbook and everywhere else.

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