Obscured truth

Winston Churchill observed: “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies” Can there be any question that our political divide is anything but a cultural war? Mr. Churchill saw the lies protecting truth while Democrat leadership employs lies to obscure truth.

Pundits, newsies (even conservative ones) and the alphabet networks are either overlooking or are complicity involved in masking the truth of what is at the heart of the Left’s efforts to maintain an open border. Yes, they would love to register every illegal border crosser into Democrat ranks then rip the Electoral College from our constitutional republic. But, these may not be accomplished with any measure stealth, much too visible and obvious. Here they have torn a page out of Donald Trump’s play book asking for the moon, but willing to settle for less. Cries for family unity, extraordinary levels of  human compassion for illegals, one man one vote rule, all demanded, but not expected as they define them.

The unspoken, near-term, goal lies in the 2020 census count reapportioning congressional  representation strengthening the Dems hold on the House of Representatives, giving them control of the money, impeachment votes, ending President Trumps efforts to MAGA. If the borders remain open and the illegals continue to flow in, the head-count will make a massive difference, without identifying those counted as illegal. The ultimate goal is, of course, Democrat (Socialist) rule in perpetuity. The answer lies in what, then Senator Henry Clay said in 1810 the country needed, “a new race of heroes.” President Trump is one of those, unafraid of the truth nor of speaking it.

Randy Edwards