According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, the Democrats have started a long line of (I want to be the next President,) including a bunch a female contenders. About 100 years ago women were finally given the right to vote and now they want to take over, (imagine that!) Sen. Kamala Harris, who has established herself as a mentally challenged babe who is also running for the Brass Ring. She even stated, “We are better than that.” Of course she meant President Trump. Better then what Kamala? (Willie Brown) Now a late bulletin for all the wanna-bees, if Hillary jumps into the race, then most will jump out because, (the Queen has all the money.) OK looking back what was the price of gas at the pump during the eight years of Obama Care and what is it now in your neighborhood?  We are talking the stock market, jobs and taxes. Remember that vote getting phase (“You can keep your Doctor”) and another, (“Read my lips, no new taxes.”) Dearly beloved, a lie is as good as the truth if everyone believes it.

President Trumps, State of the Union Address was another homerun and did you notice all the Democratic babes wearing white. They looked like a giant PTA meeting showing up to protest the President. Some of those looney tunes, including Maxine Waters are making some outrages statements, including very, very, late abortions. So all they have really proven, women don’t belong in Congress. They are sent there by “We the People” to improve and protect government, according to the Constitution and not create chaos in the Halls of Congress.  At this goofy rate, how long before the United States is no longer a number one world power. Question: If the military draft had to be reinstated, would 18 year old women be included?  Did you hear Pocahontas lied about her Indian heritage?

New York and California are now promoting free healthcare and free education for everyone in the state and you are wondering why?  All those caravans coming from South America is the reason why. Since 1946 the United States has been the moral economic and military glue that has held THE FREE WORLD together. But here it is 2019 and the Democratic Party wants to change everything and make America a LIBERAL WONDERLAND for all. (China, Russia, and North Korea would just love it).

Pvt South