Marketing pitch


Internet folly

Don Sorchych, my view

If you prowl the Internet you will see all kinds of offerings. About a year ago either copycats or advertising sales companies came up with an often much copied approach.

First of all the offering is frequently for supplements, so if you are a type two diabetic, a heart patient, have COPD, or any of a dozen ailments, expect to be a one to two hour captive.

First of all there is a blitz about Big Pharma and how they only care about money and their pharmaceuticals are full of side effects. Pharms are the enemy and not to be trusted.

Then a physician is often named who discovered a fix for whatever ails you that was discovered in a far away country or jungle. However, the cost of refining and proving the new supplement is extraordinarily expensive and it is so difficult to produce you better order now or their inventory will be exhausted.

They lengthen time by adding more and more fluff about the doctor involved, their search for a competent lab and more and more testimonials. Some have been caught hiring people to write testimonials.  

When they finally get to pricing they mention that “partners” suggested hundreds of dollars since their product is so fabulous. Then they lower the price in several steps and tell you they aren’t in the game to make money but to help cure your problem.

Usually they offer a high price like $67 (twice the going rate for most supplements) for a 30 day supply. Then they offer a substantial reduction for three bottles and a further reduction for six bottles.

So let’s say you buy their pitch, fill out their forms including your credit card numbers and sigh when you order.

A big message tells you aren’t finished, please continue. The up-selling continues while they hold you hostage and pitch why you have to have THIS product and then they offer two links: one to order and a separate one which says something in smaller type like, “I am sorry I will not accept your generous offer; I must decline.”

But they continue to hold you hostage at least two more times before they give you the actual link which says “order.”

If you ordered, do you feel you’ve been “Had” now?


If you are a Democrat, shame on you! A sizable percentage today are thugs. Some of them threaten you if you wear a MAGA hat or have a pro-Trump sticker on you car. They appear in restaurants and hassle Republicans. There are several hundred thousand illegal aliens who vote Democrat. Democrat dominated states like New York and California are sanctuary cities and turn criminal illegal aliens back on the street rather than turn them over to ICE.

And now they refuse to wall off illegal aliens from illegally entering America.

If you carry a legal side arm and someone illegally enters your home you can shoot them. Why don’t our troops treat border crashers as enemies who have declared war by violating our sovereignty? Illegal aliens would stay away if they faced gunfire but politically it would be deadly to Trump.

And don’t call the illegal aliens “migrants” as our media does. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS! During President Eisenhower’s term they were called “wetbacks.” In those days many illegals swam the Rio Grande River to enter the United States.

The current Democrat leaders preached border protection for years but since Trump is now seeking support they claim it would be inhuman.

The present crop of Democrats who won seats in the House is scary. First of all, a new law needs to prohibit politicians that are Muslims. Two Muslim women were voted into the Democrat House of Representatives. Several others are socialists without a brain, but they fit the party they joined.