As I See It

dr rick

How do you like New York’s new abortion Law? I’m sure New Yorkers must be proud.

What did you think about watching the cheering of Andrew Cuomo’s new abortion law signed into effect? I heard he is going to make some changes and help these people get rid of their children even more easily. I understand that now he is going to extend the time of abortion up until two weeks after birth. This way the people can bring the infant home with them for two weeks and then decide if they want to kill them. Perhaps they get the wrong color child. Perhaps they get a child with an extra toe. Wow, hard to imagine people cheering in the streets about this. What kind of barbaric nation have we become? This great plan is called “Reproductive Health Act.” Why not name it what it is, “The Infant Genocide Act.” We don’t want to have the word murder in there. That would be too distasteful, sound too barbaric. Who knows? Maybe it is just fake news.

When I look at Andrew, I hope New York can extend the time for abortion up until his current age. He is a living example for the people who claim to justify abortion. Where was that law when we needed it? When he was in his Catholic mother’s womb. I think there is still a way. When the first baby murder is accomplished, we try Andrew Cuomo for murder and put him in a cell or give him the death penalty he rightfully deserves.

What do they do with these full-term infants to get them out of the womb? I bet some smart company will come up with something like a baby auger. You know! Like we use on the farms to auger grain out of the grain bin.

Simple, you just stick this auger, much like a huge drill into the mother’s vagina. Turn it on and the great thing about it is, once the auger goes through the baby’s brain and down into the top part of the spinal cord to stop the heart and respiratory centers, the baby will no longer feel a thing. The only good thing is the mother can now sue the doctor if they accidentally drill into the vaginal wall and cause them some pain and suffering. God forbid they should get hurt.

Wake up America, this can be a new cottage industry. When the baby’s arms and legs are pulled out they can be put into a baby grinder. They won’t fit into the scrap buckets with all the other aborted fetuses. Perhaps they go into another new invention called the baby grinder that shoots this brand new created tissue into plastic bags where the baby’s tissue can be used and sold as fertilizer.

Yup America, we have come a long way. Finally we are once again number one in something, killing the newborn right up until the day before they were to deliver and get to have their own chance in this rough barbaric world.

We have a lot to celebrate. Not more than a couple years ago we were concerned about unneeded or unwanted embryos once the mother-to-be desired no more invitro fertilizations. What progress we have made. Forget the embryos. Forget the fetus. Just kill the baby.

Anyone remember Hitler and the Holocaust? Congratulations you people, the progressive liberals who supported this bill and then cheered when it passed! You just joined their ranks. I have always supported women’s rights. Now as a physician servant of my patients for nearly fifty years, I ask myself why. Why would I support the rights of people who do not even support the rights of their unborn child? Why? In 2008 America aborted over one million babies. Just think, more than are killed on our highways, in our wars, and other accidents in our country.

I am so blessed to know most women of our country find this work of Cuomo and his state of New York as distasteful as I do. God bless America. Read “God’s Tiniest Angel and the Last Unicorn.”