Seven percent solution

With a tip of the hat to Arthur Conan Doyle we take a look at percentages. About 93% of media coverage of the President is, in fact, negative. And why is that? The simple answer is the – demonic hatred of Donald Trump that Democrat leadership and the major media have for him. Anything that Trump may be in favor of is to be opposed, as Senator Robert Taft said in the 1940’s – “The purpose of the opposition is to oppose.” That appears to go for anything and everything regardless if it is the country’s best interest or not.

Again we ask why? The answer is quite nearly as simple as the previous one. Paranoia! Webster’s dictionary defines paranoia as: “A psychiatric mental disorder characterized by systematic delusions and projection of personal conflict, that are ascribed to be supposed hostility of others.” Plainly stated, it drives Democrats crazy if President Trump is allowed credit for accomplishing anything positive.

Our current border headache is a fine example. Without a border we have no country and circumstances dictate that in order to secure that border a barrier now becomes imperative. The surge of gate crashers from Central America may be viewed as amoebic imperialism; the few become a flood if the first wave is not turned back, then eventually overwhelms our citizenry and no country as we know it. The Dem’s love the idea of a permanent underclass to maintain their power base. 

President Trump has revived the economy, reduced taxes, returned businesses to the U.S., halted the Islamic califate, cut back the cycle of oppressive regulation, improved trade deals, restored America’s place in the world and frankly made America great again. If this is the seven percent remaining after the medias 93%, then I’ll take the seven percent solution of his positive results. 

Randy Edwards