Oct. 17–23, 2018


Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Mercury, ancient messenger god, is unusually busy throughout this week.  This suggests that most of us will be preoccupied with communication of one form or another.  There may be many phone calls, messages, letters, quick conversations, rapid decisions, and/or papers to write.  The period is favorable for probing into causes and finding the bottom line to any matter.  Beware of the tendency to jump to conclusions or acting before all the facts are clear.  Remind yourself of how the old “gossip” game is played and don’t take what you hear very seriously unless it is verified by another trusted source.  Remain especially conscious of what you say/repeat because Venus is retrograde and relationships may be unsteady.

Aries:  Issues concerning partnerships and spending of resources are front and center at this time.  You may be discussing how to utilize joint resources or what is the best spending/saving strategy.  Irritability and a tendency to short temper may be your companions this week.  Your reflexes are off.  Drive and handle tools carefully.

Taurus:  Surprise, changeability, and general rebellion are the qualities prominent this week.  You may be the one who feels rebellious and wants to be left alone.  Or it could be your partner or a good friend.  If you have things on your mind regarding a relationship, they may fall right out of your mouth when you least expect it.  Think.

Gemini:  Mercury is your ruling planet and represents your life.  Its pattern this week is busy, busy, busy.  You may feel slightly on edge with a case of the jitters.  You do not need to be everywhere, but perhaps you will feel that way.  Don’t let the Messenger lead you into unnecessary activity.  Take care of your mental and physical health.

Cancer:  There may be one or more developments this week that seem to drag you back to past times, memories, and people.  It could be the temptation to fall into habit patterns that you have long since outgrown.  As soon as your toes hit that water, stop and evaluate.  Do you really want to go there?

Leo:  Experiences may seem surreal on some level during this week.  You may be doing something you never thought you would do.  Hold onto the awareness that you might be misinterpreting what happens.  It is also possible that you are unconsciously applying a mask to suit the circumstances.  If you feel disconnected, you must go back to your heart center.

Virgo:  Please see the lead paragraph.  You will be extremely busy this week. You may feel somewhat edgy and irritable.  Obsessive worry may cause this reaction.  If there is nothing you can do that is productive, let it go.  Things usually take care of themselves without a lot of fuss, if you give them a chance,

Libra the Scales  (Sep 22 — Oct. 22): It is important to pay attention to your bookkeeping and personal accounting now.  It is not generally fun, but your mind is ready to concentrate upon it.  You may be tempted to spend more than is wise.  Think long-term, not so much about what sparkles now.

Scorpio:  You are somewhat edgy and irritable this week.  Parts of your mind are scattered into so many corners that it is hard to pull everything together.  But you know clearly where boundaries need to be drawn and you are not hesitant to do so.  The best of verbal warriors is concise and says what is needed, but no more.

Sagittarius:  This is an unusually positive time to seek support and counsel (if needed).  You have almost finished a grand project and now you need to prepare yourself to move beyond it.  Consider meditation, mindfulness, or any other means to clear out the details and look at your big picture.

Capricorn:  This is a wonderful week to concentrate on research or some other mental project.  Your mind is clear and things seem to flow easily from one thing to another.  If you need support from others in your circle, speak up.  It will be there.

Aquarius:  This looks like a week in which you really want to say your piece, but you have a sense that would be a bad idea.  Agreed if you feel so upset that you can’t present your case with compassion.  But if you give attention to everyone’s feelings and present it tactfully, you could accomplish an improvement.

Pisces:  Allow your intuition to be your guide.  The Muse wants to speak through you during this period of two to three weeks.  Focus on art, music, dance, and color—whatever gives you pleasure.  Take long breaks if possible.  Being near the water will be most soothing, even if it is only the bathtub.

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