Animosity and verbal viciousness are nothing new with political discourse in presidential administrations. During George Washington’s years as president cabinet members Hamilton and Jefferson sniped at one another endlessly, but mostly in newspapers hiding behind anonymous fake names. The greatest difference between then and now is that the division is so wide that the waring factions appear to agree on nothing.  These are not what Washington called political rivals, “Men of goodwill”. There is no goodwill in todays political arena where all are vying for a winner take all result.

Nowhere is this atmosphere more evident than in the battle over the confirmation of choirboy Bret Kavanaugh, who has one of the cleanest backgrounds since Clarence Thomas, (also unmercifully smeared in his confirmation hearings).  Judging the Democrats choices of candidates and judicial appointments (Clinton, Kagan & Sotomayor as examples) seem to posses with what author Robert Traver termed an ” insatiable lust for the mediocre”. The lies, distortions and attacks aimed at Judge Kavanaugh are so baseless as to be laughable in a court of law, but the Democrat agenda is about advancing their political power not about the rule of law. Something the Dems apparently don’t give a tinker’s damn about. Bret Kavanaugh’s entire professional career shows a dedication to and reverence for the law, aware that the law is society’s safety valve, without it we implode.

Where are those senatorial men & women of goodwill?  Not in these confirmation hearings.   The demanded FBI investigation is complete, now the vote and although he deserves a unanimous approval he may barely squeak by thanks to turncoats like Jeff Flake.

Randy Edwards