October 3—9, 2018


Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Venus, goddess of love, turns retrograde on October 5, 2018.  This event occurs approximately every 18 or 19 months.  She remains retrograde until November 17, 2018.  During her ebb periods we reflect on our personal needs with respect to partnerships.  Meanwhile it is common for ongoing relationships to shift into neutral or even a temporary reversal.  The universal message is to think carefully about who you are before making a promise of commitment.  For those already pledged, it is a time to go within oneself and discover the qualities needed to improve upon the existing relationship.  From the global point of view, these periods often mark times when treaties or agreements between nations are violated or negotiations break down between countries.  To understand how Venus retrograding may affect you, see the following paragraphs for both your sun sign and ascendant.

Aries:   Whatever is occurring in your life at this time is clearly intense and emotion-laden.  You may feel as though your very life depends upon making your point of view heard and acknowledged.  I would not want to be on your enemy list right now, lest you attack.  Count to 10 and rattle your sabers before you explode.  Give people a fighting chance.

Taurus:   This is probably not your best time to be dealing with partner or significant others.  The mood is intractable and no one can persuade anyone else, so productive action is stalemated. Do the best you can to disengage emotionally from the fray. Avoid being drawn into repeating old behaviors. Wait out this stall.

Gemini:   Venus retrograde will cause you to focus on your health unless that is normal for you.  For those who are routinely conscious of fitness, you may be surprised that you are prone to let good health habits slide.  Don’t beat yourself to pieces.  A retrograding planet in this territory asks us to make positive health decisions again and again.

Cancer:  Venus is beginning to retrograde in your territory of romance, play, creativity, and children.  This suggests that there is some need to “go back” or reevaluate your position in these areas.  You may need to slow down or take a breather from forward motion so you can look more deeply at your personal needs.  Repeating old behavior will only recreate old mistakes.

Leo:  Control your desire to purchase luxurious items for your home, car or office.  Given the Venus retrograde, you will be tempted to spend too much.  Your eyes are bigger than your long-term billfold.  Next month you may regret the purchase.

Virgo: Venus will be rolling backward in your third house of communications and local travel.  It is possible you will be seized with an intense desire to purchase a vehicle, but that is ill advised.  Try, but don’t buy.  Double check any contractual process with a magnifying glass.  Hold your tongue if you become angry during a conversation.  Avoid bringing up old injuries in relationships unless you are apologizing.

Libra the Scales  (Sep 22 — Oct. 22): See the lead paragraph.  Venus is backtracking in the territory of finances and other personal resources, so these topics will have special priority this fall.  It is in your better interest to conserve assets (money, time, health, and energy) during this period.  Think carefully about the long term future before you spend your holdings.

Scorpio:  Make note of the lead paragraph in “for all signs” because Venus will be activating your sign from now through Oct. 29.   You may feel compelled to relive an old relationship pattern.  If you remain conscious, you have the option to avoid making the same wrong moves this time around.  Stay awake.

Sagittarius:  In some way you will be dealing with people or situations from the past.  You may be returning to someplace you have been.  This energy is best used for reflecting on how the past may be interfering with your present.

Capricorn:   You may be backing out or avoiding commitments in the community.  Possibly you will become bored with the usual activities or people in your 2nd tier circles.  It is OK to give yourself R&R in this area for the next couple of months.  Maybe you will return refreshed in the winter.  It is possible that friends from long ago will resurface.

Aquarius:  Venus is retrograding in your career territory.  You may back away from recent decisions in this area.  “Career” includes life direction, so you may be reevaluating that as well.  Former partner(s) and client(s) may return.  If you have a huge expenditure in mind concerning career, it is a good idea to put off the final decision until after Venus turns direct.

Pisces:   People who live at a distance are likely to seek out contact with you.  If anyone who reappears is known to you to be of less than favorable character, use extreme wariness about mixing again.  On the brighter side, you may be traveling or studying and returning to places where you have previously traveled.

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