What lurks inside of Jeff Flake’s mind?

Jeff Flake has very little political support for how he thinks, he is a one-term Senator, he is a national bad joke and yet he continues to show the world what a putz he is.

Imagine how much lack of self-awareness he must have to continually disgrace Arizona and his family by his weak-minded, shallow, pathetic choices.

How does Mitch McConnell allow a one-term, junior Senator to sit on the powerful Judiciary Committee and do nothing but muck it up??

MSNBC and CNN might be in a street fight to sign him up as their token Republican shill.  David Gergen is getting too old and they need another younger, useful idiot to fill that role for them.  They could have years of Jeff Flake popping off like some sort of expert on values and politics when he could not get elected for anything now.

In less than 4 months to go, he will do as much damage to our Republic as he can muster. What a pathetic piece of work he is.  Jeff Flake certainly lives up to his name.

Carey Catanza
Surprise, AZ