According to Pvt South

Now we have Kavanaugh chaos, thanks to a poison pen letter sent to Senator Feinstein who also sits on the committee judging the judge. Kavanaugh has an excellent resume for sitting on the high court but the Democrats see him as a major threat to ROE vs Wade. So he must be destroyed, (No matter what.) As mayor of San Francisco Feinstein created the first sanctuary city for illegals that has spread all over America. (Not good!) Sweet Nancy Pelosi congressional district is also Frisco and it has become a cesspool of humanity because of excessive liberal government. Governor Jerry Brown of California came out condemning President Trump. Just like the mentally challenged folks in Hollywood because he is supposed to be bad for America. Remember “It’s the economy stupid”. Obama’s last day in the White House the Dow was over 18,000 and never made it to 19 in 8 years. Ok, today September 20, 2018 the Dow is over 26,000, looking at 27,000 with 6 years to go. What is so amazing the Press and News media keeping talking up that the Democrats will take back Congress in the mid-term election? (Pay attention.) Those same folks stated that Queen Hillary would win the big one. So how many out there would still vote for the Queen. (Take your time.)

On the East coast we have that dumb-dumb on The View, criticizing Kavanaugh and the old white men in Congress that are on the committee that will vote on the Judge. Too many white guys have worked well for the Democrats, even Chuck Schumer used it on TV in the past. Did you know out there, if it had not been for too many white guys, “We the People” would not have won WWII.

The mid-term elections will be the most important in our history because of the outcome. If the Democrats fail again, (And they will.) all the folks on CNN will forever become the GONG Show of network news. So have a nice day.

Pvt South