Photo editors at NRA-ILA

Maximus, there are times I wonder if the NRA’s photo editors have their heads up their arses!

In a recent NRA-ILA  Daily Alert, there is an endorsement of Kim Reynolds for governor of Iowa. The photo shows a properly-equipped instructor or shooter coaching Reynolds on the use of a shotgun. I realize that the lovely (stunning, actually!) lady is loath to mess up her hair—but should she not have donned eye and hearing protection devices? After all, she is on the firing line.

There are times when our worst enemies are inside the wire: photo editors with no common sense concerning gun safety.

In the case of Reynolds, I feel she would  garner more gunny support among her constituents  by wearing goggles and eye protection – even if he had to rearrange  her hair afterward.

Maximus, you know from my previous communications that I am a fanatical enforcer of range safety rules. You have seen where I excoriate that “gun guru” who produces videos showing him shooting at hard targets (even metallic ones) without eye protection.

Please relay my comments to NRA-ILA for consideration.

Yours in firearm safety,

J-P. A. Maldonado
NRA Life Member