Sept. 12 – 18. 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Mars, the ancient god of war, is approaching a significant square to rebellious Uranus in the solar system, exact on September 18.  Mars increases adrenaline and cortisol, resulting from the stress of will.  Uranus is high wired, excitable energy that feels like electricity flowing through the brain.  When these two operate together it is incredibly important to keep oneself grounded.  It is mandated that we exercise, which uses up the excess hormonal rush and settles us down.  When these two are fighting for attention we often get high on our excitement and cannot sleep well.  Circumstances can change overnight, so be prepared for twists and turns in your path.  The combination can set us up for accidents of any kind.  Uranus just moved into the sign of Taurus which points at earth conditions, banks, and financial matters.  Keep your eye on your billfold or credit cards.

Aries:  Plan to work and play alone this week.  You likely will be feeling restless and generally tense.  Your patience could be short and you might say things you’ll wish you hadn’t.  You have a desire to break free from restraints.  It is a short transit.  Look for a way to handle this moderately.

Taurus:  A relationship or friendship that began with gusto in late March arrives at a point of evaluation.  The question of commitment may always be an issue in this situation. Tensions that have been submerged may suddenly erupt and one of you may depart the scene.  If in a normally stable relationship, then one of you is looking for some fresh excitement.

Gemini: Communications with significant others may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether.  Do not make assumptions about what others mean.  Ask questions and clarify for best results.  Accidents are possible due to mechanical breakdown.  Give attention to odd sounds from any machinery, including the car.

Cancer:  You are conflicted on the subject of romance versus caretaking, which is your natural instinct.  Perhaps you are caught in the middle between the needs of a spouse and your children.  Sometimes a Cancer becomes a parent to the partner, which usually creates a troubled atmosphere.  Set aside decisions on these matters until you are more centered.

Leo:  The subject of healing and caretaking seems prominent. You may feel obliged to care for a family member at the expense of yourself during this week. It is fortunate that this aspect is fairly short lived. By next week you will no longer be conflicted.

Virgo the Virgin: (Aug 22–Sep 22)  A misunderstanding could develop between you and a close friend or family member. The blame game is useless.  Do your best to unwind the thread to the point that it began and start fresh.  It is possible that you will have a minor issue with a belly ache.  Pipes, whether in your body or your house may need clearing.

Libra:  There may be a financial surprise as this week begins.  It looks expensive, but fortunately you have saved a stash that will help you through it.  Your personal taste leans toward the luxurious.  Look at the big financial picture before you give in to it.

Scorpio:  Either you or others in your life are behaving erratically.  It is difficult to make firm plans or sustain a solid conversation. This sometimes generates a rift between you and another because one of you needs to be alone.  Don’t fight it.  Just let it be.  It is temporary. Take it with a spoonful of generosity and humor.

Sagittarius:  An opportunity is coming any day now to increase your income via a work opportunity.  It is possible that if you agree to do some small thing in good spirits, the work will become a project that grows to your benefit.  If you are already employed, you likely will get approval soon for a job that has been pending.

Capricorn:  Listen to the Guardian, who speaks to you from the inside.  This is a time in which your Guardian will protect you.  It is sometimes hard to pick it out from the voice of Ego.  If the Voice is flattering you, set it aside. That is not the true Guardian. The true Guardian offers wisdom, not criticism or flattery.

Aquarius:  Mars, the warrior, entered your sign on September 10.  It will be traveling with you for ten weeks.  This energy is especially helpful in defining our boundaries.  Periodically we need to examine who we are as well as who we are not.  Often something is eliminated.  In general, it increases your courage and physical strength.

Pisces:   Make a special effort to keep up with keys, tickets, and other small items.  Your feelings are easily injured right now.  On the other hand, you may be the offender, hurting someone else.  Try to stay on the planet and think carefully before you speak.  If you feel “hurt,” don’t leap to a conclusion before you ask what the meaning is of a behavior or a comment.

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