August 22 – 28, 2018


For All Signs:  The planet Mars, ancient god of war, turns direct on the 27th after a long retrograde period that began in early June.  During the retrograde cycle we are often detoured from taking significant external action. Though we may experience the delays

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

as frustrating, the purpose of the time is to struggle with inner boundaries before expanding or claiming new outer territory.  When we force the issue and push through in spite of obstacles during the retrograde, we often discover later that the offensive has proven too costly in some way.  As Mars turns direct we will find resolve to roadblocks experienced in recent months or will realize we didn’t really need to take the proposed path in the first place.

Aries: Take good care of yourself this week.  Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in your sign and has some harsh aspects from other planets.  The “wounding” may be physical or emotional and the real source of it is in your childhood or adolescence.  Whatever occurs now seems particularly more hurtful because it is scratching at an old sore.  Next week brings better vibes for you.

Taurus: You are in a very creative time now.  Take your ideas seriously because they are unique and come from the core of you.  Take on problems that have vexed you and look at what can be done to create practical solutions.  Experiment and try out new ideas.

Gemini:  You may be experiencing a limelight moment in which you are presenting a bright idea or even a finished product.  Your enthusiasm will be palpable.  However, it is important to plan what you want to say carefully, lest you go overboard with promises.  The tendency to be impulsive is with you now.

Cancer:   The Full Moon in Pisces occurs in your 9th house of travel, higher education, the church or synagogue, legal interests and/or publishing.  Full Moons bring a spotlight to the areas they cover.  Being Moon ruled, your energy will increase this week.

Leo: The Sun shines brightly upon you now.  You probably will be the recipient of favorable outcomes due to previously creative work.  A raise in income is possible.  In some way, you will have reason to be proud of yourself.

Virgo the Virgin: (Aug 22–Sep 22)  The sun returns “home” to your sign this week.  You likely will find it to be energizing.  Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life.  Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your energy.  This week there are supportive aspects from Saturn, the Teacher, and Uranus, the Awakener.  It’s a fine time for a vacation.

Libra:  If there are “power” issues between you and another, this is the week that they will be in full bloom.  Discomfort means that change is needed in one or both of your attitudes.  Intensity is the theme.  Concentrate on remaining conscious so that you won’t fall into manipulative games, especially the one called “prove it if you love me.”

Scorpio: You may be operating under a fear that things in your life will dissolve into chaos.  Your immediate reaction is to clamp a lid on anything or anyone who seems out of order.  It may be absolutely necessary in your situation.  However, be aware that suppressed energies will turn up later in the form of resentment.

Sagittarius:  Now is a good time to research details in preparation for your next project.  Travel is favored along with activities involving the internet.  Perhaps you are studying a new way to publicize your business.  This is a good time to develop plans for your new direction that will be ready for launch by mid-2019.

Capricorn: This is a good time to take an in-depth survey of your most important relationship.  (This could also include observing yourself in relation to clientele.)  Study yourself first and determine whether any harbored anger is causing you to sabotage the connection.  Tackle whatever problems exist in a healthy, honest way.

Aquarius:  This week brings you a grand trine of planets working in your favor.  Multiple factors fall together to create blessings in your life.  Any activities involving mutually shared resources will be advantageous.  “Shared resources” include the partner’s income, investments, social security, an inheritance, IRS decisions, and referrals to you for business.

Pisces:  The Full Moon is in your sign on the 26th.  There will be others who expect you to cater to them this week.  Your sense is that if you do so, you will be aggravated and if you don’t, you will feel guilty.  This conflict is one that appears too often in your life.  Your tendency to codependency causes it.  Remove that trait and it won’t trouble you anymore.

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