According to Pvt South

Dearly Beloved,

Maxine Waters, the goofy Congress women from California, just had a birthday wish “she would like to see our government represent all Americans,” (really Maxine?) For 8 years you had a president that represented for the most part just the minorities in America and you were not complaining then. America is doing great again, but all you ever wanted to do is impeach Trump because he beat Queen Hillary. The Democrats keep going so far left it soon will be called, (socialism). And sweet Nancy Pelosi keeps talking about the Blue Wave when they take over the House in November. OK who will the dumb dumbs blame when the Red Wave wins again? Don’t look now, but here it is Thursday, August 16, 2018, and the Stock Market is UP 396 points that makes the DOW– 25,558 at 4PM—sorry Obama, you couldn’t make that sucker move up to 19,000 in 8 years. Pay attention Maxine. President Trump did all of this in under 2 years with 6 to-go.

The gun control boo birds are at it again. They would like to see our gun laws stronger and our children safer. Pvt South will now give you an impartial opinion about gun control even though he is a card carrying member of the NRA. Defendant’s that commit terrible crimes will often (plea bargain) for a better deal to avoid the death penalty and/or years in prison.  Have you ever noticed on TV and Hollywood, with all the gun violence on a daily basis? (Hello James Bond.) Why not do to TV and Hollywood, what government did to Joe Camel over cigarettes. (Shut it down!) Will anyone complain?

Pvt South