Aug. 8—14, 2018


Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Eclipses generally come in pairs, one at the new moon and the other at the full moon.  This eclipse season we have three.  The new moon of July 12 in the sign of Cancer started the cycle.  On July 27 we had the Full Moon in Aquarius.  The third eclipse will occur on August 11 near 6:00 am EDT in the sign of Leo.  Given the world events of this summer, there will likely be no one left untouched by the end of August.  Eclipses are especially profound lunations and tend to bring unknown circumstances into the daylight.  The words “crisis” and “critical events” describe this energy.  In Chinese, “crisis” means “opportunity for change.”  Keep this thought in mind if you have lost something you thought was essential to your well-being.

Aries:  Issues of career and future direction are highlighted during this Mars retrograde.  You may have thought you were headed in one direction, and now suddenly you are shifting into neutral or reverse.  If so, this period offers a message to think this one over for a while.  You probably need a better foundation or a stronger sense of drive.

Taurus:  You may feel pressured into making one or more decisions.  The focal points have to do with your physical health as well as your job.  There is a strong connection between how we feel with work (daily routines) and our health.  If we are in a high stress producing life routine we are also prone to pick up more colds and viruses that are floating all around us.

Gemini: This is a good week to review material you previously learned.  In some way you will be dealing with information that you may have thought you left behind.  It is possible that you will decide to disengage yourself from an agreement or a contract previously signed.  Get a second opinion on anything diagnostic.

Cancer:  This week brings the third and final eclipse of the summer.  Please see the lead paragraph.  This new moon may prompt you to look carefully at your personal resources, which include time, money, and energy.  Maybe these departments of life need some reorganization so you will be able to conserve better.

Leo the Lion: (July 22–Aug 22) Your work or daily routine takes on a quality of intensity this week.  Concentrate on breathing deeply and moving with deliberation.  It is possible that you are more intensely emotional than the situation deserves.  Take a step back and look at it from a larger perspective.  This is likely to be something that affects you, but is not about you.  Is it really all that important in the larger scheme?

Virgo: Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is “under the sun’s beams”.  This means that your perspective may be off kilter.  Perhaps you are seeing what you want to see, rather than reality. You may not have accurate or clear information.  This is definitely not the time to make a promise or sign a contract.  Wait at least until August 19 when Mercury turns direct.

Libra: This is a period in which you must deal with any property that is aging.  If you happen to be a senior, then the aging process may be disturbing you.  If not, you may be called upon to take care of someone else who is aging.  You may be taking a sober look at one or more relationships.  Even the very closest friends cannot know each other from the inside.  Be kind, not critical.

Scorpio:  Mars is retrograding in your horoscope sector that relates to vehicles and tools.  Mars in this territory may represent the need to make repairs.  Don’t ignore strange noises.  It is possible that you are irritated with siblings, roommates, or neighbors, but now is not the time to initiate battle.  Let them re-create the problem and then you may respond.

Sagittarius:  Now is a good time to research details in preparation for your next project.  Take good notes and store in a safe place so you’ll be able to access them when needed.  Sometimes you are so interested in looking forward that you forget to document and store where you have been.

Capricorn:  Mars retrograde in your sign leaves a big “Stop!” message that continues through mid-September.  Now is the time to chill.  Recognize that the Real You is so much bigger and stronger than the ego, which simply has a loud, often whiny, voice.   This is a time to back off, rethink everything, and reevaluate as the dust settles in September.

Aquarius:  Activities related to travel, higher education, church/synagogue, publishing, and/or legal interests are delayed.  So what else is new these days?  You are in a holding pattern in almost every pursuit.  That will change in 2020.  The message from the cosmos is to chill.  Take some R&R.  Float in your present position for the present time and enjoy the rest.

Pisces: Your energy is being drained.  It is easy for you to spend too much of your resources (time, money, energy) on the problems of other people.  If you do this long enough, the well goes dry.  Think about who or what in your life makes you tired just to think about it.  That’s your culprit.  Your environment may be too loaded with allergens that also suck energy.

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