July 4th

Don Sorchych, my viewJuly 4 is a worthy celebration, especially of founding fathers, for the United States of America. A greater power (GOD) had to be involved in the creation of our country. I believe the fact Donald Trump is a mystical choice. Just imagine where our country would be headed if Hillary was leading the country. My hope is that the FBI mob, Hillary, Obama and other criminals are investigated and jailed. That includes the Deep State who, through our government, has lied to us for some 40 years about immigration. The brilliant Trump spotted their lies and promised a fix. I believe those of us who saw the genius of Trump and believed he was serious put him in office, not the Russians.

However, Trump learned or probably knew he couldn’t close the border by himself; he needed Congress and so far Democrats and RINOS have prevented border closing. But Trump has ways to win, just watch and learn.

Handling future challenges is no picnic. Birth rate is a big one. Projections have been made that because of birth rates we will be a minority nation by 2060. Think about where that leaves our grandchildren. Both Islamics and Hispanics aggressively procreate. Look what is happening in Europe; waves of immigrants changed the dynamics of many European countries.

And by the way, the criminals crossing our borders are not “migrants” they are illegal aliens and we owe them nothing except deportation.

The recent Supreme Court opinion supporting Trump’s conviction about vetting Islamics is a big win and goes a long way to stop or slow the attempts to make the U.S. a caliphate.
The other good news is the retirement of Anthony Kennedy who was tiebreaker favoring Democrat philosophy. Kennedy’s resignation may be the beginning of a conservative court for a generation.

My last editorial featured a picture of “Animals,” illegal aliens in a church lot getting jobs. While spending weeks photographing the misuse of local do-gooders, armed just in case, our back was covered by Riders United for a Sovereign America (U.S.A.). The letter to the editor from Buffalo Rick is a reminder about this good band of conservative motor cycle riders. I especially remember the support of Rusty Childress and Rick. We experienced the same kind of threats Trump supporters are getting from hateful Democrats. The Riders were called racist and worse, just as Republicans are now.

These people who are being bullied deserve protection. Protection from organizations like Riders U.S.A.

How about arming the people who are likely to be bullied with modern shockers or paint spray to lead law enforcement to the bullies? It just isn’t right that innocents should be hassled and threatened.

Do your best to honor July 4, sans Fireworks!