June 20 – June 26

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs: Mars, known to the ancients as the god of war, turns retrograde on June 26 and remains so until August 27. Historically, those who draw a sword or attempt to expand power during these periods eventually find it turned against themselves.   In our personal lives we are well advised to avoid extending our boundaries or initiating “war” on any front. The defendant, not the aggressor, will win in any conflict as long as the god of war moves backward and it doesn’t matter how big or right the initiator may be. When Mars is retrograde we are well advised against filing suit, hunting for game or opting for elective surgery (a different type of sword.)

Aries:You may be backpedaling your way out of one or more relationships right now.  What you fear is being smothered or overwhelmed.  Your ruling planet, Mars, is retrograde.  Be aware that the war is really internal.  Perhaps you let yourself become closer than you really wanted.

Taurus: Relationships are problematic now and probably through the summer.  You may be caught into power games with one who does not let go.  It is time and energy consuming so you would be wise to find some way to rise above the fray.  Make an effort to stay out of quarrels that are about ego.

Gemini: You have been spending with a bit of grandiosity.  It has been fun and probably worth it to you.  However, it appears that you are confronted with the bill that causes you to reel in and stop in your tracks.  That is OK.  Just don’t continue to pay all the tabs and travel everywhere.  You will be fine in the end.

Cancer:  (June 20 – July 21) Probably you have recently experienced a fine vacation or you may be anticipating one right away.  Relationships with children and lovers are flowing easily. You may feel challenged by a partner (marital or business) who is not in the best of moods. You know there is little point in arguing, so get around it the best way you can and steer clear.

Leo the Lion: Within relationships of intensity, there is often a strong sexual attraction, whether or not your personalities are compatible.  If the sexual component is not recognized, it may be transmuted into a competition.  Avoid commitment to any new relationship on your radar.  You need to know more about the individual who is making the offer.

Virgo: Overall you have been in a charmed place during this month and next.  However, there may be a crisis with your children or a lover this week.  There are elements of obsessive thinking and criticism involved.  Be intentional about keeping an open mind and don’t insist on a black and white answer.

Libra: You and your child or a lover may not be seeing eye to eye at this time.  It may be best to find other things to do for distraction than spend much time together.  This is not a time for open quarreling.  It will only create resentment that follows you around and turns up later at inconvenient moments.

Scorpio: Give special attention to the lead paragraph because Mars is an Avatar for you.  This week it seems as though everywhere you go, there will be troublesome and antagonistic people.  Perhaps the real issue is inside of you.  The slope is slippery related to career.  Keep your nose clean.

Sagittarius: Warning to those on diet and exercise programs:  this week it is just too easy to break training.  If you mean what you’ve promised to yourself, don’t go anywhere in which you would be in harm’s way.  Social life may be over the top, even more than you prefer.

Capricorn: Prepare for a period of scarcity between now and the end of August.  This could be due to debt or reduced income.  Make every effort to not indebt yourself further.  You will need your savings for back up.  Otherwise you must work extra hours to manage your resources.  Many of you have seen this time coming and have already prepared.

Aquarius: Read the lead paragraph carefully.  Mars, the god of war, is turning retrograde in your sign.  Take to heart the message about non-aggression, lest you be sorry you ever attempted it.  Perhaps someone deserves your ire, but this is not the time to tackle.  However, if you are on the receiving end of someone’s anger, it is safe to defend yourself.

Pisces: Allow your intuition to be your guide.  The Muse wants to speak through you during this period of two to three weeks.  Focus on art, music, dance, and color—whatever gives you pleasure.  Take long breaks if possible.  Being near the water will be most soothing, even if it is only the bathtub.

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