Fireworks. McCain. Animals

Don Sorchych, my viewFireworks

WTF, no fireworks on July 3 at Harold’s?  How come? July is always a fire danger and consideration of shutting down fireworks is always an option.

In past years both saturating the area with water where fallout could land and having plentiful Rural Metro staffing onsite avoided any problems. I am told by anti-fireworks Creekers that the present chance of fire is much greater now than the past and that is simply not true.

How is it that Harold’s can’t have Fireworks (a huge moneymaker I am sure) and the Roadhouse can have waitresses who serve with bare breasts except for nipple coverage? Also the Roadhouse has their sign on town property. I call it Crony Capitalism.

I am told that the council surrendered the decision making for fireworks to Town Building Official Mike Baxley and he and Town Manager Carrie Dyrek made the decision to abort Harold’s fireworks. I am told Mayor Bunch was in attendance but claims it was a staff decision.

Toughest town in the west, huh?

I talked to Bob Kite about the dilemma. Bob has saved the town numerous times by letting them use his property north of the post office, typically for parking. When the issue arose that Harold’s couldn’t do fireworks he offered the use of his property for fireworks. Danny, Harold’s Manager turned it down apparently because he neglected to remember why we celebrate July 4th which is our founding rather than relate it to how many burgers and beers he would sell. Bob says he is willing to put on the best fireworks the town has ever seen on his property if they are willing to approve it for the sake of patriotism, not beer and burgers.
Mayor Bunch?


Senator John McCain still lies in bed suffering with brain cancer which does nothing to alleviate his unfair criticism of President Trump. Right out of the Democrat playbook. When he isn’t sneering about the best president ever, Meagan McCain from the liberal “View” adds her penny’s worth. If Governor Ducey has his way McCain’s wife Cindy will serve in his senate seat for two years. Then what? Want to bet their plan is to run daughter Meagan for the senate seat after Momma retires? How convenient for Democrats. There is a timing issue about when John leaves the Earth. If he hangs on long enough and Ken Bennett wins the governor’s seat, his promise is not to seat Cindy McCain. Let her go sell beer.


President Trump took additional heat for calling MS-13 hoodlums “animals.” The liberal press accused him of calling illegals animals when he cited MS-13 members as animals.

Actually I think more than just MS-13 deserve the animal description. Several years ago when Arizona and Cave Creek were full of illegal aliens I spent 35 weeks photographing illegals being hired with the aid of volunteers at the Good Shepard of the Hills Episcopal Church. The illegals were an unruly bunch as where many who employed them.

The picture shown here was pretty typical of those illegals who may have worked on your behalf. Tell me. Look at the faces and the nasty use of hands. Would you invite them to dinner?