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Dearly Beloved–June 6th, 74 years ago was a special day for We The People and the free world that is referred to as D-Day. Fighting a World War is time consuming, dangerous, expensive and requires plenty of able bodied men. On the American side, it was almost 17 million folks, and about 16 million were men. D-Day was in 1944 and the war ended about a year later, including the surrender of Japan. (And we know how that ended) Today, in the Year of our Lord (2018) we see and hear on a daily basis special interest dumb dumb’s with an assortment of petty issues that do seem important to them. If We The People had to fight WW2 all over again with today’s young people, America would definitely lose because we have become overwhelmed with excessive liberal government. (Hello Carter, Bill, Hillary and Obama) If Queen Hillary had won, America would be in deep doo doo, but trump came to town and saved the day. Of course the jury is still out for some Democrats, but come the mid-term elections it should be obvious to most. People like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters will never agree.

Back to the D-Day invasion and what went on the first day. We can start with over 5000 ships, over 13,000 aircraft and 150,000 men hitting the beaches. That’s the good news. As for the bad, how about 9000 killed or wounded on day 1. For some dumb dumb’s in the future that was a good reason to burn your draft card.

McDonald’s Headquarters has moved back to the Windy City from Oakbrook Illinois. The 9 story office building will be home to some 2000 employees. It sits on 100 acres once belonging to (wait for it) Oprah Winfrey. Steve Easterbrook, the fairly new McDonald’s CEO started the all day breakfast and is fast becoming the Donald Trump of fast food.

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