June 6 – 12, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:

We are in the midst of several weeks in which many of us will feel compelled to revisit the past in some way.  Old issues of resentment and anger may resurface for a better cleansing.  A helpful ritual in these times is to clean out closets, eliminate useless items, and organize clutter.  There is something about these activities that helps us to clear our thoughts.  If you are troubled by an old angry demon, be aware that it is looking for a fresh perspective.  Work it out with a heavy project, or write it out in a journal and consider how time has altered your attitude.

Aries: You may encounter one or more people who are past friends this week.  Remain conscious of where you are today and don’t entangle yourself in that world again.  Maybe it is good for an afternoon’s visit, but not for a lifestyle.

Taurus: This is an unusually busy time for you.  There are more social and intellectual opportunities than is the norm.  By June 11, you may feel more than ready for a break in that routine.  Give yourself a breather if possible.  Tell people you need a couple of days leave.

Gemini the Twins: (May 20 — June 21)  You may feel as though you came from another planet this week.  Communications may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether.  Compensate for this problem by concentrating on speaking the truth as you know it, and listening very carefully to what the other tells you.  Then ask for confirmation.

Cancer:  Aspects suggest you may feel irritable this week.  A bill you have forgotten turns up by surprise.  Mercury travels rapidly through your sign between June 12 and June 28.  During this period there likely will be greater emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels.

Leo:  Your significant other may be acting like a horse’s patootie right now, but you don’t have to follow suit and play in the same court.  Neither of you is being served by sharp words and irritable behavior.  “Prove it if you love me” is a game left over from the cave people.  Leave it alone.

Virgo:  You are unusually busy this week and may have some forgetful moments.  Concentrate carefully on any project requiring calculations and multiple plans.  The probability of making an error or accessing inaccurate information is high.  Do the best you can and don’t waste time and energy on self-criticism.

Libra: You may be surprised by a visit from the past.  It could be a person or information that becomes apparent.  Although you may be pleased to see this person, it is not the best idea to take up where you left the relationship.  Just smile, go to dinner, and be pleasant together, but bypass the invitation to make it bigger.

Scorpio:  Experiences of this week may be reminiscent of hurts you have felt in the past, perhaps with other people.  Try to be honest in your reaction to today’s circumstances.  Don’t let yourself fall into an old pit.  One or more items in your home or car may break. It’s a nuisance, but these things happen sometimes.

Sagittarius:  You have more than usual coming at you now.  Try to slow down and take one thing at a time.  You’ll need to prioritize over and over again.  That is OK.  You are more flexible than many.  You have learned how to organize yourself in the past.  Use those tools again in the present.

Capricorn:  The asteroid Vesta moved into your sign in mid-May.  It will be with you until the end of July.  The name Vesta is borrowed from the Vestal Virgins of Rome.  Female children were committed to tend the flame from age 6 to around 30.  They were allowed to do little else.  You may become devoted to someone or something of value during this time.  It will help pull you outside of yourself.

Aquarius:  This time brings a drama with your significant other that does not really belong in that department.  Your ego may be a bit bruised, but the real wound happened many years ago.  Don’t ask that your partner compensate for injuries of your childhood.  Maintain perspective and think about the present time.

Pisces: Something unnoticed related to your home or property may suddenly break through your consciousness as in need of repair.  It may be in the pipes or related to water.  Do not make a major property purchase this week.  If not “physical” property, you may discover that your relationship to a family member is not what you thought.  Either way, repair is necessary.

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