May 9—15, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  We continue to focus on the planet Uranus, which is making an entrance into the sign of Taurus this month.  Uranus is also known as Prometheus, and is the only planet in the solar system that rolls on its belly.  One side of the planet is always directed at the sun.  Essentially he breaks the rules of planetary protocol.  In mythological stories, Prometheus defied Zeus’ orders and stole fire from the sun to share it with humankind.  He represents the renegade in our psyche, the one who does not color within the lines, the one who is rebellious and can also be expressed as ingenuity.  He can act as an anarchist who breaks rules just because they are there.  Or he can represent a special genius that we offer in service to the world.  Some individuals are more “connected” to this energy than others, as you can imagine.  Those who choose to follow their special genius are in some way helping humankind to evolve, to stretch and grow.  At its highest level, Uranus operates as the intuitive mind that connects the dots to form fresh, new ideas.  His best side is always in favor of social justice.

Aries:  Irritability and a tendency to short temper may be your companions this week.  Beware the temptation to obsess over minor issues.  Take especially good care of your body at this time.  You are in a physically low cycle and subject to accident or minor injuries with tools, or vehicles.  Don’t press your body beyond its cooperation.

Taurus the Bull:  (Apr 20—May 20)  Financial matters interfere with your forward progress.  Do what you can and wait for a better time for completion.  You need to take a break and give your mind a chance to clear.  A weekend away might do you a world of good.

Gemini:  Surprises, shifts of direction and unexpected twists and turns will likely litter your path this week.  Make up your mind at the beginning that you can manage whatever comes your way, so you won’t be thrown off balance.  Then enjoy your travels.

Cancer:  Give special attention to unusual messages or to new people who enter your life during this time.  A “teacher” crosses your path in the form of a person, a book, or the right message that will steer you in the next favorable direction.

Leo:  Although there are pebbles in the road, you are continuing on the right path for you.  Have faith and take your time.  Be careful with your steps and give attention to details.  The Powers that be are in your corner.

Virgo:  Mercury is your ruling planet.  This week it shifts into your house of exploration, travel, the internet, publishing, education and matters of the law.  You probably will experience increased energy when dealing with these areas.  You have a need to broaden your mind and move to a big picture perspective.

Libra:  You may fall into uncomfortable circumstances.  You wouldn’t have chosen to take this trip, but your people skills may be exactly what is needed.  You have a balanced sense of justice and can manage, even though you would rather not.

Scorpio:  It’s been awhile, but you have aspects that favor relationships now.  You may want to engage a family member in serious conversation on a touchy subject.  If it still looks cloudy, let it go for another period.  Don’t take the chance of going off on a rant which will only make things worse.

Sagittarius:  Any effort toward becoming more acquainted with the deeper parts of yourself will be well rewarded. Positive results can be achieved through psychotherapy, dream work, meditation, hypnosis and/or prayer. Assistance will come to you through unexpected (and possibly mysterious) sources.  Your Guardian Angel is right at your side.  Listen to your instincts.

Capricorn:  This is a time of complicated circumstances for you.  So many things are happening that it may be a challenge to maintain everything.  Messages are mixed and many contradict each other.  Move carefully and check yourself for errors along the way.  These few weeks it is especially important not to make mistakes.

Aquarius:  Uranus, the current star of the planets, is one of your avatars.  You may be considering a household move or remodel.  Circumstances around you may pressure you to change your mindset.  Normally you are not fond of big change, but the time is upon you.  Don’t say no until you have seriously considered what the world is bringing now.

Pisces:  Jupiter offers improvements and good fortune through any or all of the following:  legal or ethical issues, contacts with foreign lands or people who live at a distance, the internet, higher education, teaching, publishing and long distance travel. Events occurring at this time  will broaden your perspective on all of life and expand your sense of connection to a larger circle.

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