World Tai Chi Day coming to Carefree

In the cooler months outdoor Tai Chi classes are held every week in Carefree

The ancient Eastern arts of movement, Tai Chi & Qigong will be featured at Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion in Carefree. Qiqong is the mother of all martial arts and has been practiced for 5000 years.

People who practice it say it calms the body and mind through a series of stretching and breathing exercises. Tai Chi, one of the derivatives of Qigong uses slow deliberate movements to rewire the brain.

Among the many benefits claimed by practitioners of both are decreased stress, lower blood pressure, improved flexibility, and increased balance, to name a few. While the art originated in Asia, World Tai Chi Day started here in the United States in Kansas City in 1998.

There will be a free interactive experience from 10am to noon on Saturday April 28 in downtown Carefree. Those wishing to participate are encouraged to wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes. For more information contact