Leftists do not solve issues, they create and use them

Leftists throughout history have used the worst parts of human nature to gain their power over people’s minds.  Envy, lust, jealousy, hate, anger to name a few.  They understand the power of human emotion and how those emotions can override reason and rational thought.  Emotions go deeper into the mind than facts. This explains how you can present facts and data all day long to a Leftist and you hit a brick wall.  Nothing you can say or do will penetrate their minds because they are so wedded to their emotional beliefs that they refuse to allow anything new to enter their minds.  To do so would reveal them as  weak-minded and vulnerable to being duped.

So they engage in denial, rationalization, justification and other self-delusional stunts to protect their absurd beliefs.  Evil men like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Castro, Chavez, Mao, Pol Pot and Alinsky all knew the power in appealing to the lowest, most base of human emotions.  It works.  Our Leftist media and radical Democrats also know this, thus the 24/7 pounding of propaganda we experience.  

It would seem irrational that Leftists would not want to solve problems of our society.  But the truth is, they do not want to solve issues.  They want to use the issues to inflame and enrage people for their political power.  They have to do this, as they cannot line up the tanks and kick in our doors and kill or imprison every political opponent like many of their kindred spirits have done.  Instead they have to do it at the ballot box.  Our Constitution protects us. 

They create and use issues like immigration, crime, poverty, social injustice and gender identity as political tools.  They must have political issues as weapons for elections.  If issues are solved, they lose their ability to fan the flames of hate that gets millions to the polls to vote them into power. 

Barack Obama had his first two years in office to get anything he wanted passed into law.  He had the Senate, the House, the federal courts and the Presidency.  Did he use those years to reform immigration?  Provide amnesty?  Mandatory gun control? End homelessness?  End income inequality?  End racial division?

NOPE.  He did none of them.  Instead, he ruined our healthcare system and got almost of trillion dollars of new debt that went to his political donors.  Both with deception and lies.  (Shovel-ready jobs? You can keep your doctor and insurance and premiums will go down)

Obama and the Left did nothing about real problems except to talk and rail about them to create emotion around each issue and get their political base to the polls.  They do this same old trick to this very day.  They do not want to solve problems, they want to use them to lay blame and promote hatred and anger for their sick political ambition.   

Leftists are at war with us.  They have the media, social media, academia and Leftist courts as their weapons. They have filled federal agencies with Leftists, who then hired more Leftists.  These implants stay for decades and do a lot of damage.  We are seeing the corruption of the IRS, FBI, DOJ, State and EPA unfolding.  The Left knew Hillary Clinton would have had it all covered up and buried, thus their extreme panic.  

Remember that when you hear and see Leftists screaming in emotional rage about an issue, understand that it is an act.  They embrace and use issues.  As Leftist Rahm Emanuel once stated, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”.   

They do not care what damage is done to the country or culture, just so they achieve power.  They do not care if this country is reduced to rubble, just so long as they are the ones left presiding over what remains.  It is only about power and control.

Carey Catanza
Surprise, Arizona