According to Pvt South

Dearly Beloved, it has been one year with President Trump in the White House and America for the most part is really looking good, but many folks out there would still vote for Queen Hillary. The democrats are still clinging to the goofy notion that the Democrats will control part or all of Congress after the mid-term elections. (Really?) Here it is February 7th, and more news is coming out about how corrupt our US government has become under Democratic rule (Billy and Hillary). It will take time because the guilty will keep pleading innocent. Early on Pvt South stated the Republicans would gain seats in both Houses of Congress (nothing has changed). A picture is worth how many words? Remember during President Trump’s State of the Union address how the Democrats looked and conducted themselves during his speech (How embarrassing for our country). Just think those Liberal suckers was in charge for eight years in office and now we know why America has been in a funk. The question will never come up but where would America be today if Queen Hillary had won.

Now we hear that POTUS alias, Obama wanted to know everything from two liberal FBI Agents that had been texting all kind of good stuff that was supposed to be secret. According to POTUS, he didn’t know anything (really). The male and female FBI agents were obvious Trump haters and should be in jail because they were government federal employees trying to bring down their Commander in Chief under false pretenses (as the beat goes on).  Could Congress make a rule or law that no government employee (at any level) can take the Fifth? They are doing government work so we the people have the right to know.

Keeping your powder dry in 2018 has become easy if you are a Republican, as for the Democrats, not so much.

Pvt South