“The Memo”

Why did some leaders in the Justice Department Headquarters, some leaders in FBI Headquarters, the leaders of the Democrat members of Congress, and the left of center liberal media establishment, try to prevent American citizens from reading the contents of “The Memo”?

Regardless, “The Memo” can be read “in the light of day” by any American citizens by reading the contents of attachment, or by clicking on the below listed link  The information in “The Memo” exposes the actions of political appointees of the Obama administration in the Headquarters of the Justice Department and the Headquarters of the FBI.  It is available here for you to be read without the interference, hysterical attacks, and the spins by the left of center liberal media establishment, members of Congress, or by Comey’s hysterical Tweets.

To keep it out of “the light of day”, and prevent American voters from reading “The Memo”, it’s contents were falsely represented to the American people as, an attack on the rule of law—it is not, that it revealed the footprints of Intelligence Sources & Methods —it does not, and that it would jeopardize the National Security of the United States—it did not.  The contents of “The Memo” is not even remotely classified!!!

“The Memo” is only a very small part of the illegally actions authorized by the Obama administration to weaponize agencies of government.  In the future,  follow on “Memos” will be released, exposing the illegal actions of political appointees in the State Department and in US Intelligence Agencies.


The honest, and honorable 15,000 Special Agents in the FBI and thousands of honest and hard-working members of the US Justice Department were not being attacked by releasing the contents of “The Memo”, as the left of center liberal media establishment tried to dishonestly misrepresent to the American people.  The rank and file members of the FBI and the Justice Department were, in fact, repeatedly praised by members of Congress who wanted to expose what had occurred, so it should never happen again.

The FBI has always been concerned about impropriety of operations, and about even the appearance of impropriety.  The political appointees in the Headquarters of the Justice Department and the FBI and some corrupt officials in those agencies were justifiably criticized for impropriety of operations, and for violating legal and investigative practices that the FBI and the Justice Department were always required to follow in the past.

Every agency of the US Government must be careful to never violate the civil rights of any American citizen, and the rights guaranteed to them, by the US Constitution.  The FISA Court was established to obtain FISA Warrants investigate and expose the threatening actions that representatives of “foreigner” governments may be involved in, that would damage the national security of the United States.

It is a federal crime to reveal the names or the identities of American citizens caught up in cases where FISA Warrants were used to investigate the subversive actions of foreign governments.  Federal crimes were repeatedly committed by members of the Justice Department and the FBI who used a false dossier, created by Russians for political opposition research, to mislead a Federal Judge four times, in FISA Courts to spy on American citizens, without telling the FISA Judge the source of the dossier used to get the FISA Warrant,  and then repeatedly exposed their names of American citizens to the national press.

A “Special Counsel” and a Federal Grand Jury  should be appointed to investigate the actions of political appointees and corrupt federal law enforcement officers in the FBI, the Justice Department, the State Department, and Intelligence agencies, who weaponize those agencies, in order to spy on American citizens with warrants from the FISA Courts in violation of Federal Law.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt., USNR(Ret)/Former FBI
San Diego, CA