Democrats hate America

After witnessing the State of the Union Address Tuesday night, it is clearly obvious that Democrats care more for illegal aliens than American citizens.  They also do not care about Blacks, Hispanics or any Americans.  The ACLU blasted Trump for saying “America” or “American” too many times.  An American President, speaking in America, in America’s Capitol building is now racist to the ACLU.  Democrats could not even muster support for wounded veterans, or parents of children killed by MS-13 gangsters.  They could not support a North Korean defector who lost his leg.  They could not even support the lowest Black unemployment level in many decades.

Do we want these America HATERS controlling our lives in the future?  All they have is hate and lies and anger and rage to campaign on.  They place illegal aliens over our veterans, our military, our own citizens.  These Democrat HATERS run cities around the county where they do nothing for the homeless veterans and mentally ill filling their streets.  Yet they closed down the government for illegal aliens and amnesty for them.  They even believe that keeping more of our own earnings is bad.

The Democrat party have become enemies of America and  bear no resemblance to the reason this country was created…individual freedom and liberty without a tyrannical government over us.  They are socialist, big government, power-hungry, greedy hypocrites filled with rage and lust for control of our lives.


Carey Cantanza
Surprise, AZ