According to Pvt South

Dearly Beloved, here it is Thursday January 25th in the AM and the Stock Market is already up 100 points while some folks reading this may think “so what, I don’t even own stock”, remember JFK in the past, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” That means you are also in the boat so after one year of Trump are you better off now or do you think Queen Hillary would have done a better job?

Last week PVT South stated (like I knew what I was talking about) there will be no government shut down, (big fat lie) see what happens when you actually believe something someone has written and you take it to heart. OK it turns out the Democrats have been doing this and getting away with it for years until Trump came along. Trump winning has been great fun and awake up call for all the folks who never gave politics, good government, or the Stock Market that much serious thought. The Market closed at 26, 392 up 140 points for the day. Under Obama it never made it to 19,000.  So where would the Market be today after one year if Queen Hillary would have won?

My wife asked me why is the Stock Market going up so fast? How about a PVT South answer. It seemed to me that Obama was more serious about getting even with the Founding Fathers and the white man for slavery then promoting good government. So after 8 years of a sluggish market Trump came to town and all you can do is hang on while the Market keeps going up. President Trump wants to make America great again while the Democrats would always settle for making America just an ordinary nation (Queen Hillary would do the same thing).

Here are the last 4 of the 13 issues I made for Congress years ago and number 13, will be saved until next week.

(9). If the Military draft is reinstated for 18 year old men should women be included?

(10). Allowing a polygraph to become another tool in our Justice system to help to deter crime and improve Homeland Security.

(11). Eliminating free sanctuary to all illegals and all US cities to help Homeland Security.

(12). Using security cameras in all major cities similar to what they have in Great Britain that would help Homeland Security.

PVT South