An empty wine bottle and a fish gone bad

God Bless America

Bull’s eye!

The bull elk was caught by the horns in a barbed wire fence.  But lucky for the big bugler Oklahoma Game Warden Josey Branch was there, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].  He was at the ready, drew his handgun from its holster, and took aim.  The sharpshooting ranger managed to shoot off the animal’s entangled antlers just above the base and than shot at the barbed wire.  The elk was freed and ran safely off.

Many happy returns

A Santa Clara, CA woman wasted little time after ringing in the New Year and hustled off to Costco to return her “dead Christmas Tree” and wound up getting a full refund, says the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].  Customers standing in line behind her at the Refund Counter were shocked that, as one shopper put it, “she had so little moral values or lack of conscience.”  Social media was abuzz with the story, prompting users to post their own stories of buyers who successfully received refunds at stores for such things as an empty wine bottle and a fish gone bad.

Brrr, it’s cold

It’s become something of a tradition in some 60 cities around the world-a trouserless, post-New Year’s Day ride on local mass transit, says the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].  A group calling itself Improv Everywhere started the now global event in 2002 in New York City.  This year the No Pants Subway Ride, as it is called again went off without a hitch with hundreds of young riders dropping their slacks in cities such as London, Berlin, Lisbon, Chicago and elsewhere in 25 countries.