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Dearly Beloved–Here it is December One Dozen, 2017 and NYC had another bomb blast to remind the folks what happens after eight years of Obama. Will the 27 year old from Bangladesh ever get the death penalty for his failed suicide attempt? (NO) Trial lawyers hate the death penalty. They want their clients to stay alive, imprisoned forever, so they can appeal forever. And then, best of all, get their legal fees forever.

Transgender folks can join the military on January 1, because a Court Order has blocked Trump’s attempt to keep those folks from serving. (Is this a great Country or what) See what happens after eight years of Obama. The United States won WW2 with almost 17 million troops and about 16 million were white, but today the Democrats with major help from the press and news media keep putting out (too many white guys and white supremacy). This is what’s really wrong with America. (Really)? The Democratic Party realized years ago that they must think of ways to neutralize the white vote and I must give them credit. (Job well done) Democratic control is more important than good government, and the beat goes on. It is possible Dearly Beloved, that Trump will make America Great Again, because he has seven more years, but don’t expect the Democratic Party to help. I still expect the Republicans to do good in the midterm elections, even though the Democratic machine will be full speed ahead until the last day of Trump. (those suckers will never give up)

Ok–It is now Wednesday and Alabama will get a new Democratic Senator instead of a Republican because the other Republican Senator stated he would not vote for Moore. (real smart) Until the midterm elections the Senate will be 51-49 in favor of the Republicans. (pay attention out there) The key for good government is Congress, and currently the Democrats with Schumer and Pelosi will not help, because all that they want is the opportunity to impeach Trump and slow down government. The stock market is way up, but who cares? The press and news media will not promote Trump’s successes because they want him to fail. Dearly beloved–Keeping your powder dry this past year has been easier, but don’t tell the Democrats or the press

PVT South