Nov. 8 – 14, 2017

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Saturn is in a favorable position with Uranus. The energy began early this year, but with all the noise in the solar system, its meaning has been blurred beyond consciousness.  Saturn rules the old, the traditional and the status quo.  Uranus points at the new, the updated, the fresh idea or technology.  When they meet in a favorable aspect, it is a good time to integrate the new and the old into an improved system.  The aspect favors ordered, disciplined and gradual change rather than overthrow or rebellion.  This is the month the two systems may find a workable blend.  The second aspect of this pairing is this week, on Nov. 11. The umbrella of time on this carries through the end of this year.

Aries:  Either you or others in your life are behaving erratically.  It is difficult to make firm plans or sustain a solid conversation. This sometimes generates a rift between you and another because one of you needs to be alone.  Don’t fight it.  Just let it be.  It is temporary. Take it with a spoonful of generosity and humor.

Taurus:  Venus, your ruling planet, has entered the 7th house of relationships and will be there until the end of this month.  She brings improvements in clientele, social life, and partnerships.  This is a good time to ask for a professional consultation if you need it.  You are especially able to balance with others during this period to create win-win solutions.

Gemini:  You may feel as though you came from another planet this week.  Communications may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether.  Compensate for this problem by concentrating on speaking the truth as you know it, and listening very carefully to what the other tells you.  Then ask for confirmation that you received it accurately.

Cancer:  You may feel out of sorts this week.  Your feelings are in conflict with your ideal self and your values.  You want to put your best foot forward, but circumstances do not feel quite right.  If the conflict is deep, it is usually best to wait and not yield to whatever pressure is around you.  You will soon sort it all out.

Leo:  Aspects particularly favor your work and daily routine.  You are in an effective position.  Others agree with your guidance and leadership.  A project begun in July-August is beginning to blossom now.  At the very least you can see that it is on track to turn out as you hope.

Virgo:   A misunderstanding could develop between you and a close friend or family member.  The blame game is useless.  Do your best to unwind the thread to the point that it began and start fresh.  It is possible that you will have a minor case of laryngitis.  Pipes, whether in your body or your house may need clearing.

Libra: This is a week in which your physical cycle is “off”.  Don’t press your body beyond what it wants to do, just because it could do the same thing last week.  Pay special attention to your temporary boundaries right now and by next week things will return to your personal normal. Meanwhile there is upbeat news about your finances.

Scorpio the Phoenix: (Oct. 23 — Nov 20) This is not a time to be aggressive or attempt to press your way forward.  You can only take small steps in the direction of your choice.  It is as though there is some invisible element that keeps you spinning your wheels.  Go with that which flows easily and take things slowly for a couple of weeks.

Sagittarius:  You have a crew of guardian angels watching over you through November.  If you seek help it will come.  Watch for “signs” and listen to people who enter your sphere of travel.  Spend some time focusing on your spiritual beliefs.  You might be called upon to assist another toward a healing path.  It is an opportunity to “pay it forward”.  Don’t turn away.

Capricorn: This is a favorable time for you.  Upgrades and changes that you have made this year to your home and property are completed and the results are more than satisfactory.  Friends and acquaintances want to support your projects.

Aquarius:  In the big picture, you are coming to a successful closure of a project from the past two to three years.  It is not yet final, but soon will be.  You can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  This week your mind may be restless.  You need to see new territory or get away from your daily routine for a day or two

Pisces:  Take every precaution not to abuse your body during this period.  Drugs or alcohol could have peculiar side effects that you don’t understand.  You are in a low physical cycle and will be unable to push yourself as hard as normal on any physical task.  If you are affected emotionally, try not to worry about it.  This is short.

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