Nov. 1-7, 2017

For All Signs:  This is the week to discuss Mercury. This planet of communications is parallel  Saturn and Pluto which are draped with somber meanings.  Saturn represents the rules and structure of our grounded existence (Ex: the law of gravity).  Pluto is known for ruling life on the Other Side, nuclear bombs, and transformations of every living thing. The news media will be delivering serious information that may shock and surprise us.  But then, what else is new?  In addition, Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 5, 2017.  Sagittarius is a traveling sign and thus it represents global news, transportation, the reporting media, higher education and its structures, publications, places of worship, and the internet.  Mercury will be in Sagittarius until January 11, 2018.  This is an uncommonly long period.  Mercury will turn retrograde on Dec. 3, 2017 and loop backward through Sagittarius before finishing this two month cycle.

Aries: This looks like a week in which uncomfortable circumstances develop that bear a strong kinship to your past.  It could go back far enough to trigger family of origin material.  You could be overreacting to a situation in the “now” as though you were a child with no personal resources.  Make an effort to stay in the moment.

Taurus:  Your attitude about yourself is not altogether accurate right now.  You may think way too much of your ideas, or alternately, you may see yourself as lower than scum.  Neither is accurate and you should probably not make decisions of any importance this week.  Spiritual pursuits are given a “go” signal.

Gemini: See the lead paragraph on Mercury because this is your avatar.  This week Mercury moves into Sagittarius and takes you into the land of “others” in your life.  You will be spending quite a long time there, until Jan. 11, 2018.  Now is the time to learn lessons about how to be in relationships.  If you owe any apologies get them ready now.

Cancer:  Issues may surface concerning your home, family or property.  There is a cost involved which may require a sacrifice rather than spending dollars.  This is a small bump, easily handled and will not ruin your week.

Leo: During the next two weeks you will be contemplating your existence.  You are thinking about how you can position yourself to feel more sense of meaning in your work, your family, and your relationships.  Some may be pondering on the level of the spiritual.  “What is the ‘best’ that I can become?

Virgo Your focus shifts to matters of home, hearth, and family.  Things of the past may float up in your mind for reflection.  If this occurs, ask yourself what you learned from the former experience.  It probably would help you now.  Family concerns may occupy your attention.  It is a good time to allow and encourage serious discussions with those most important to you.

Libra: Keep your eyes open and give a wide berth to what you hear.  Someone may be deceitful and you would rather believe than challenge it.  Either you or others in your life are behaving erratically.  It is difficult to make firm plans or sustain a solid conversation. This can generate a rift between you and another because one of you needs to be alone.  Don’t make a big thing of it.

Scorpio the Phoenix:  (Oct. 23 — Nov 20)  An abandonment issue from the past may be re-enacted in the present, only in different clothing.  The symbolism points toward early issues with elementary education peers. Perhaps you were bullied, embarrassed or harassed. This issue started in mid-October.  Focus on healing the adolescent from the past.

Sagittarius: You have been and continue to be challenged by the need to mature. Allowing old emotional wounds to run your life and your feelings is not the way to go.  The lessons started last year and will continue through 2017.  By now you may be feeling much stronger and more able to surmount the old fears.  If so, you deserve a pat on the back.

Capricorn:  Please study the lead paragraph.  At this time Saturn and Pluto are both representing you and your needs.  Give special attention to your need to control others.  Rule by example is always better than ruling by force.  If a situation in your life seems to be crumbling, let it go, so it can evolve into something better.

Aquarius: You are concerned about matters that are beyond your scope of power.  Take a breath and come to the surface if you can.  Don’t allow anyone to imply that you are responsible or that you fix the problems.  Make an effort to stay above the fray and observe from a distance.

Pisces: Communication with those from a distance will be favorable and supportive to your soul self.  The time is auspicious for activities related to travel, the internet, publishing, teaching, higher education, and the law.  You have a poetic turn of mind at this time.  You likely will enjoy reading spiritual or philosophical material that appeals to your soul.

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