The American way

don bitler

The United States of America, to the best of my knowledge never represented itself as a perfect nation just that it was striving to be a more perfect union. “In order to form a more perfect union.” Which insinuates it is not perfect. It has always been an experiment in freedom and self rule and, by the grace of God, remains so today. However, nothing else in the world has ever even equaled its ability to allow mankind to prosper. All of mankind (meaning both sexes) has a burning desire to be free. With freedom(s) comes responsibilities. Perhaps these demonstrators have that to learn yet!

Using sporting events as a platform for demonstrating against America and American values is appalling at least. Kneeling during the National Anthem, at any sporting event, is disrespectful to the nation, its symbols denoting freedoms (like our flag), and all the patriotic persons who have given their all for this nation. As well as its citizens and others who have fought to preserve our nation and survived. Those brave people have given a part of their life, or their life, so that our constitution and freedoms, all of them, are maintained for everyone in posterity. Disrespecting this nation and its historic past in any way means those individuals are not really patriotic citizens. They are not worthy to be citizens of a free America. This further includes our national commemorative statutes. Our past is our history it cannot be changed but if we remember it we may not repeat the bad parts of it. The civil war is but one example. There are others many others.

The national pride of our youth began to deteriorate in America when the draft was stopped. If the draft did nothing else during peace time it instilled national pride within the younger generations. That is extremely important for national sovereignty. Many young men went in the military as boys and came out a few years later men. But more importantly proud patriotic American citizens.

These football players have no visible point that they are making therefore they are condemning the nation and its flag which is the recognized symbol of freedom throughout the whole world. There is little doubt what the outcome will be and it will no doubt turn out bad for these overpaid game players.

Even the poor in America are quite rich relative to other socialistic (communist nations). Anyone who does not relate to this truth should visit some of the poorer nations. Haiti would be a good place to begin. However, there are dozens of others. Including our neighbor to the south Mexico. Keep in mind people are starving to death in North Korea while South Korea thrives. An excellent example of what free enterprise, freedom and a free people can accomplish.

The United States of Americas sovereignty depends on personal and national pride and respect. One political party namely the progressive communists so called democrat party is systematically tearing apart this once great nation. The evidence is all around us. This is the goal that became very obvious during the Barack Obama administration. It would have, very likely continued and perhaps even gotten worse under a Clinton administration. Both seemed to be determined to divide this nation by at least race and/or ethnicity.

Make no mistake it is normal operating procedures for a party hell bent on installing a different (new) system of government to do things and blame them on the target other party. We are, as a nation, experiencing that right now and have been for at least eight years. Many of these so called democrats do not even know exactly what they are supporting when they do things against the United States of America. They are what Nikita Khrushchev referred to as “useful idiots.”

However, in the final analysis life is what we (each individual) make it for ourselves not what a government makes it for us. Socialism never works! Never has never will! Therefore, we should, as a nation, continue our experiment in seeking both freedoms and perfection. That is, after all, “The American Way.”

Donald (Don) Bitler, Scottsdale

Disabled veteran, retired pilot, published author and fifty plus year resident of Arizona.