Move over, Dirty Harry

mullet over

– The San Miguel Chapel (built 1610-1626) is said to be the oldest church in the continental United States. Located in Santa Fe, the edifice was severely damaged in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, but was repaired. Some of the original adobe walls are still standing. Both Latin Mass and New Mass are currently offered on a regular schedule at the cherished facility.

– Cy Young was a major league baseball pitcher from 1890 through 1911. He recorded a total of 511 wins for his career. Let me place that sum in a bit of perspective. If a pitcher active today averaged winning 20 games per year for 25 consecutive years, that skilled hurler would still be short of the 511 wins logged for Denton True “Cy” Young.
– The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is annually the most visited national park in the United States. The magnificent Grand Canyon National Park is #2 on the prestigious list.

– The most powerful production model handgun is the .500 Smith & Wesson. With all respect due to Dirty Harry and his ilk, the S&W is akin to a hand-held cannon. It dwarfs the potency of a .44 magnum. Special instruction is highly recommended before firing “the thing.”

– The Mullet is a haircut style for men. Popularity for the fad soared in the U.S. during the 1980’s. Basically, the hip guys would wear their hair in short spikes or “feathered” on top and similarly coiffured on the sides. Lengths of 6-14 inches were grown down the backs of heads. Quite versatile – the cut featured an athletic look on the crown area while permitting voguish lads to swish their hair side to side for “effect.”

– A female comedian recently quipped “Men wearing earrings are better prepared for marriage. They obviously can stand pain and they have experience buying jewelry.”

– I may start bathing more often since I read that each female louse can lay 100 eggs in a “brief” span. Perhaps another aid would be to not wear briefs?

– National Bathroom Reading Week is officially the second week in June. Doesn’t Congress have more important tasks to address?

– In 1974, the powers in charge reasoned that attendance at a major league baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Cleveland Indians (at Cleveland Municipal Stadium) could be improved with ten cent beer night. More than 60,000 brews were vended. Many of the attending fans became raucous. Thousands stormed the field. Fights broke out that involved punches, kicks and pieces of stadium seats. The game was “called” and awarded to the Texas team. The next Cleveland game did not feature ten cent beer concessions. Have a great week.

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