According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Is North Korea the real problem? According to the press and news media a big fat yes–But–PVT South has a much different view. If North Korea continues to create major problems then they are the problem, but if for some reason they tone it down in the future then China is pulling all the strings. For those who do not pay much attention, North Korea is a small country with a very large military. Dearly Beloved, their military is larger than what we have in the USA thanks to Obama. China is a large country, just like Russia and their military is even larger, but we only hear about what North Korea has. If China is actually orchestrating what North Korea is doing militarily then that puts China in the Catbird Seat. For those out there that do not understand, you can go back and watch cartoons.

President Trump is in Hamburg Germany for the G20 meeting and the Anti-Capitalists protesting are in full force, tearing up things. (why are they allowed to do that)? Makes you wonder if George Soros paid for much of the protest that occurs almost daily around the world. If George is a major player in all this organized chaos and confusion, then it must benefit him politically and financially. George Soros is a billionaire and has a long history of funding liberal causes, especially here at home. He has taken dead aim at President Trump, so maybe it is time to take dead aim at him.

Soon Trump will meet Putin, and I expect it will turn out much better than what all the liberal pundits predict. OK–If Queen Hillary had won, where would We The People be after 6 months in? For instance, the stock market , the economy , our borders , jobs, and basically keeping your powder dry.

PVT South