ALG launches

americans for limited government

FAIRFAX, VA — Americans for Limited Government has today launched to urge President Trump to stop Mexican cheating on NAFTA and enforce U.S. law, accompanied by this statement from Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning:

“Mexico has been found in violation of antidumping rules by the U.S. International Trade Commission in 2015 for dumping sugar on U.S. markets illegally since 2008. President Trump has been clear that he is going to enforce U.S. law while renegotiating NAFTA or ultimately leaving that trade agreement on behalf of the U.S. economy and American workers if it proves unworkable. After all, if our own trade partners are just going to violate the terms of the agreement, what’s the use of NAFTA?

“Now it is up to the U.S. Commerce Department to help President Trump keep his promise to enforce U.S. law and stop Mexican cheating on NAFTA, leveling tariffs if necessary under Chapter 19 of NAFTA and U.S. law for their sugar dumping violations. The Mexican actions have not been without consequences with the last sugar refinery closing in Hawaii and a refinery in Wyoming closing as a direct result. There can be no better time for the President to make this clear to the Mexican government that the dumping must stop when the decision comes up again on June 5. The President has the chance to bring Mexico into compliance with U.S. law and stop its illegal dumping by using the NAFTA renegotiation as leverage. We are urging the American people to go to and send the message that illegal NAFTA dumping must stop.”