You really must read this – I really mean it!

Folks (In open letter),

I served in Nahm during Johnson, I watched Carter in his do-nothing-years, I watched as Clinton paved the way to his personal financial gains, I had to stand by and watch Obama trick all the stupidly blind “sheeple” and now I am watching what the fourth branch of government (are you sure there are only three???) is doing to our constitution and our institutions – frankly, I am depressed as it seems no one, and I mean no one has the ability to think for themselves, make judgements based upon facts but only simple sound-bites and no one appears to give a good God-damn because it might possibly generate a small feeling of patriotism.

Well, I am here to tell you, with the exception of only one of you, you never put your life on the line, was scared to death 24/7 and still performed the mission – you were comfortable in your beds, you worried about your Friday’s date and were concerned about whether your apparel was “in”. It is time you paid attention to the state of this country’s government and media because I am convinced you are close to losing the very life you have taken for granted and for which you did not “pay” for the right to write this sort of email. I PAID!! I have the right to call you out!!

Shame on you all!! Spend a few minutes each and every day to make a call or write an email or send a letter to the “establishment and entrenched” politicians to tell them their terms are up!

I spent an hour or so this morning with a really close friend at the VA hospital and saw what is left of our Vietnam vets. They are just trying to get by and welcome whatever meager assistance they can acquire from their “grateful” country. You people have no clue what it takes to make this country free or to make it great. You have no clue what the stars and stripes mean or what it looks like after three weeks in the brush. You simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

It is time you start contacting the various medias and let them understand your disgust with their constant and consistently negative comment about this administration. It is time to cease patronizing the businesses that support this bias media and it is time – if you are too darn lazy to do a thing, that you procure a copy of David Horowitz’s book, “Big Agenda” so you might (and I stress might) understand the assault upon YOU by the media and the party not-in-power.

S A Everly