According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–What we have here is a “Tale Of Two Cities”, Washington DC USA and Riyadh Saudi Arabia. According to the press President Trump is still considered a dunce, but away from home he is doing great. (Or have you noticed)? In Riyadh he got the royal treatment including taking part in a huge sword dance (women not included). It was a great visit including some military deals while making America proud again. Melania Trump certainly turned some heads every where she went. President Trump then visited Jerusalem and Netanyahu who loves him and the US dearly. When Obama traveled overseas it was (blame America first), and unfortunately some dumb dumb’s here at home believe it. (The Pope is next)

Terrorism strikes UK concert killing 22 and wounding about 60 (mostly young). How will the UK and the US react? Will it be more like Neville Chamberlain or Winston Churchill then you have Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan? A 22 year old born Muslim did the suicide job. Basically what all Muslims want to do is kill everyone that are not of the Muslim persuasion. This might come as a great shock to some folks but the free world is at war with the Muslim world and what to do about it? In all out war people die and places get destroyed so the free world might have to get used to it. Also here at home you rarely hear the term (death penalty). To be politically correct one must try to rehabilitate those poor souls. The death penalty is considered cruel and unusual punishment. (what price for law and order).

Notre Dame had a graduation with VP Pence doing the Commencement. When he started doing his thing some simple minded graduates turned protesters and marched out. (the audience booed) What the hell are they protesting? (It was mostly women) OK–Four years of high school then four years of college and eight years of Obama at the same time gives you what? Notre Dame should go back to men only. Some colleges are women only and I’m ok with that. Political Correctness has turned America into a half assed country and We The People may never get over it because it has become so deep rooted. Keeping your powder dry just got harder.

PVT South