May 10—16, 2017


Stargazer-VivianCarolFor All Signs: Remain aware of the favorable Saturn/Uranus aspect that becomes exact next week. It is working even as you read this. The general conditions are especially favorable for integrating new systems with whatever has been traditional in your path. Gradual integration of new and old are supported now.

Other than that, we have Mars in a tense arrangement with Neptune on May 11, 2017. For the few days around that date, general information may be blurry or unclear. Avoid pointing fingers at yourself or anyone else. World news may be thoroughly confusing and some of it will be flatly in error. Chemical or radioactive explosions are possible. Be extremely careful if you must deal with such substances.

Aries: This is a week in which your physical cycle is “off”. Don’t press your body beyond what it wants to do, just because it could do the same thing last week. Pay special attention to your temporary boundaries right now and by next week things will return to your personal normal.

Taurus the Bull: (Apr 20—May 20) A wound, whether emotional or physical, is due for healing now. Be alert for spiritual messages that may come through any source. Give attention to dreams, or unusual messages from strangers or others in your life. Journaling could be helpful. Therapy may bring healing insight.

Gemini: Information about your career or life direction may seem blurry or confusing. Don’t respond negatively to that yet. Wait for verification. What you hear may never happen. See the lead paragraph because it is especially prominent for you this week. You likely will find the key to mix new technology or ideas with the norm in your life.

Cancer: You have probably been dealing with a decision concerning property or family issues. You have spent a few weeks in this process and now you have arrived at a conclusion. If it is a purchase or a sale, you have the cosmic green light. Whatever the decision, you have made a good choice for everyone concerned.

Leo: You are in a reasonably good place with yourself at this time. Your heart and mind are flowing together. You have no conflict between your feelings and your thoughts about those feelings. This is a time for reflection on important subjects. You can make good decisions now.

Virgo: Finally! The details fall into place that allow you to integrate old traditions with new technology or ideas. There is even agreement with family members to try the fresh slant to long standing habits. Maybe there will be a shift in plans for the traditional family reunion this summer.

Libra: Activities involving the law, the internet, contracts, people from a distance, and travel are favored. You have the opportunity to act as the conduit to help others find their paths now. Use your intuition and spiritual values for best results.

Scorpio: A lover’s words or behavior may be confusing. Ask questions before you leap to conclusions. Keep track of valuables. A theft is possible. If you are in need of assistance, it would be wise to ask the right person for help. Even if no one is available, you have an open path to your sense of the spirit. Call upon it with positive results.

Sagittarius: You may be seeing the daylight of success in a long-term project of self-definition. Details and information fall together to show you the truth of your path. This is a time in which many things go your way. Relationships of all types are favored. If high-tech solutions can help you, go for it!

Capricorn: You are likely to happen into a solution soon that will fill in the puzzle and offer you a solution to nagging problems. Although you have been somewhat isolated, events of the next couple of weeks will help you understand the purpose for it. You have been waiting for a “right” time and situation to develop.

Aquarius: This is an excellent time to pursue any activity that requires your mental concentration. Contracts and written communications, along with short distance travel, have go signals. There may be a new vehicle in your future, particularly if you have been watching for the right one.

Pisces: This is a powerful time to consider your spiritual purposes. It is all too easy for the maya, the things of the world, to overwhelm every waking minute, leaving no time for the higher goals. If you notice fatigue, disappointment, or depression at this time, stop. Any of these represent a message to be still and listen for the Voice deep within your soul.

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