According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Here we go again, Queen Hillary recently made the TV scene on CNN with Christine Amanpour, a cheerleader disguised as a journalist. OK–The big interview was about why she lost the big race she was supposed to win. First she took the blame for losing and then blamed Putin from Russia, Comey of the FBI and Wiki Leaks. The CNN audience was mostly women in full support because it was an arranged snow job promoting how Hillary was robbed from winning the election. Question–Was Bernie Sanders robbed when he ran against her in the Democratic Primary? Give me a break. She lost because she was a terrible candidate and that’s why she also lost to Obama the first time.

The Russians did it. OK–So Putin hated Hillary, but he loved the way Obama reduced our military, and Hillary would have done nothing to improve it. The dumb Democrats keep putting out the word “Russia helped Trump win”. OK–Russia, China and North Korea have been building up their military since Obama was in office, so why would Russia help Trump make America great again including our military. Remember “a lie is as good as the truth if everyone believes it”. Time to get a grip–The future of the Democratic Party is not looking good because when Germany lost WW2, the country was destroyed and they started over from the ground up with all new people. The Democratic Party lost the political war, but they kept all their Generals to keep their liberal drive alive.

What happened to repeal and replace? Speaker Paul Ryan is having a hard time organizing his conservative members. OK–In England there is a section of town called Fleet Street that has a lot of influence when it comes to managing the country, and in DC it is called K Street. K Street is where most of the lobbyist’s live with all that money to buy influence that we refer to as “Campaign Contributions”. OK–Congress is 435 members and the Senate is an even 100, while registered lobbyist’s number in the thousands. So now you know where the Swamp is. In the past a top Senator in the banking committee had a $10,000 a head breakfast just for lobbyists. (Cracker Barrel is a lot cheaper) Question–Every time a lobbyist visits a member of Congress, is it on the record? (Now that is a good question).

PVT South