NATO (Not Altogether Thought Out)

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I had a high school teacher that frequently said that certain of my behavior patterns were NATO (Not Altogether Thought Out). It was early afternoon on September 7, 1876 when a band of eight bank robbers (including Jesse and Frank James) attempted to ply their chosen trade in Northfield, Minnesota. All eight of the perpetrators were killed or wounded. Only two culprits managed to escape. The total “take” was $26.70.The scheme of this robbery would appear to qualify as NATO.

Near Canyon, Texas there roams a 2,400 pound bull named Alpha. He is special because of his parentage. Traditional bovine mating was not involved in the production of Alpha because this animal was cloned using a prime carcass acquired from a slaughterhouse. This bull has been bred to three separate cows and those unions have thus far produced 13 calves.

On February 22, 2017 — a gutsy man named Adrian Solano from Venezuela competed in the Nordic World Ski Championships. He did not win the championship this year, partially because he had never snow-skied before in his life. In fact, Adrian claimed that he had never previously seen snow up close.

An American penny is worth more than one cent – sort of. According to the U.S. Mint, 2016 pennies cost 1.7 cents each to make and distribute.

What is likely a government-sponsored agency has discovered that there are more museums in the United States than there are Starbuck’s and McDonalds combined. Some wag commented this proves Americans prefer learning to eating. I suggest that this conclusion might warrant additional investigation.

Supposedly true: an Indiana hunter (male) was shot in his right foot when his dog knocked over his owner’s rifle, causing it to discharge. The dog’s name? Trigger.

Building on the 1974 craze of scampering nude in public places (sometimes at televised events), Ray Stevens had a hit recording entitled “The Streak.” We simply do not create classic music like that anymore.

In a Utah forest, a single aspen seed germinated circa ten thousand years ago. That particular tree has spread through 47,000 root braches to create new tree trunks over an area encompassing 106 acres. Botanists consider this aspen to be a single organism and it may be the largest, heaviest (estimated to weigh 13 million pounds) and oldest organism on earth. Observing such a creation of beauty almost makes one quake. Well, sagely try to avoid NATO behaviors – and please have a great week. (