Obama responsible for illegal shadowing?

cartoon by tom owens

From what I hear from readers, even most voters who voted for Donald Trump for president hoped he would be “more presidential.” If you listened to his speech to Congress most are now satisfied and hope he will settle into non-combat mode and stay there. That is asking a lot when the whole press corps, Democrats and even some Republicans simply don’t accept him as president even though he won the presidency fair and square.

The list he enumerated to Congress is an outstanding use of a month in spite of the Democrat refusal to confirm his cabinet, claims he and the Russians stole the election and other unbelievable lies.

What Trump has been revealing over the last two years is how exceptional he is which says something about how capable he is to bring our exceptional country back.

When you look at his accomplishments as a business man, why the surprise as a “politician” or how a politician should be?

What everyone should remember is 40 years of promises by politicians to close the border while illegal aliens came at will and stayed, robbing, raping and pillaging our beloved country. Furthermore, their votes, legal or illegal, strengthen the Democrat party, the party of choice of men in women’s bathrooms, same sex marriage and Politically Correct (PC) in all things.
I think one thing that drove Trump’s counter punches was proving he wasn’t PC.

One of the first things Obama did was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House and replaced the bust with one of Martin Luther King. Nice move for a black man who never played up that he is half white. Neither his mother nor father were parents to brag about. And no one is sure who his father was anyway, but given the choice of Frank Marshal Davis (a communist and pornographer) or Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama Sr. whose tribe had been slavers – neither are to brag about.

One of the first things Trump did was to retrieve Churchill’s bust and display it. Cool, Trump! And he kept King’s bust even though Democrats claimed he didn’t.

I hope competent conservative journalists will pry open the background of this undeserving, illegal president and present it to the world. The lack of legal proof of his birth is just a beginning. We know he was a drug user and lived a gay lifestyle. We know he listened to Reverend Jeremiah Wright damning the United States for twenty years. The press let Obama get by with saying Weatherman Bill Ayers and his partner Bernardine Dohrn were merely people in the neighborhood rather than the close friends they were.

It appears his decision to remain in Washington is ominous. There is belief he and his wife plan to lead a group as large as 36,000 Community Organizers to fight Trump’s administration. Most past presidents stayed out of politics. Obama still believes he is president and can’t stand seeing Trump destroy his legacy brick by brick. Doubtless he is by far the worst president the United States of America has ever had and there is adequate proof he is a traitor. He, and at least Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder should be behind bars.

Over the weekend conservative radio host Mark Levine, on Fox, presented a detailed discussion about the Obama administration wiretapping Trump and his team. He had a long list of proofs that Obama, as president, would have known. On Monday Rush Limbaugh followed with more details and suppositions. Then Sean Hannity expanded on the whole subject saying if this true no one in the United States of America would be safe from being shadowed. The address below is the Levine video.

Limbaugh speculated this issue is five times as important as Watergate which nearly resulted in impeachment of President Richard Nixon, who resigned to avoid the stigma.

If there was ever Karma, this is it. Let’s hope Obama is jailed along with his gang. Keep your eye on this one; it may be really important!