Animosity in America

don bitler

The amount of animosity currently being shown toward President Donald Trump is not healthy for a political party, some businesses organizations or even a nation. What it is the party seems to be doing with these demonstrations, that many times turn into riots, is not increasing their following but instead causing them to commit political suicide.

Being against something never garners the same support as being for something. Hillary Clinton should have taught the rest of the democratic party that in her loss to Donald Trump. During the campaign Donald Trump kept repeating, daily it seemed, what it was he wanted to do while Hillary kept harping on what a bad person Donald Trump was. Winning an election by tearing down an opponent usually does not lead to the best person for the position.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was largely a negative campaign against Trump. Perhaps democrats feel continuing these negative actions now will help their cause but if that is the case they are completely mistaken and sooner or later will realize it is totally wrong. It is not possible to force someone to like you any more than you can force your spouse to love you when that love has once been lost. That action, without exception, drives the target person farther away. Certainly not closer. I should suspect any normally intelligent person would realize that. It is hard to side with or love someone who threatens you. Cooperation gained with a threat is always both reluctant and temporary.

Perhaps the instigator of these riot/protests does not understand the damage he or she is doing to the democratic party. Or perhaps they do not care. If this continues they may very well be out of power for sixteen years or more. Certainly not just eight. That could and no doubt will devastate the democratic party possibly to the extent of destroying it. Could it be people like Schumer and others within the democratic party really don’t care? We already suspect they care nothing about the nation or the citizens, they have demonstrated that on multiple occasions, but up until now it was possible to think they cared about the democratic party. Now it seems it is selfishly only themselves.

There were many disgruntled republicans after obama won the election in 2008. However, the republicans used their heads realizing a public demonstration of hatred was not the tool to gain acceptance of the masses. Seems the democrats have that lesson yet to learn. Force will just not work in America especially American government. But it could make those same masses hate them even more and very likely turn some, who now support them, against them. Could it be possible the demonstrators do not care about that either? How about the politicians?

In the final analysis the democrats have obviously panicked, because Hillary lost the election, nothing good ever comes from panic. Many times it costs lives.

Donald (Don) Bitler is a resident of Scottsdale, a retired pilot, disabled veteran, published author and a fifty-plus year resident of Arizona.