Trump wants the best!

We have a great deal of pride in Luke Air Force Base and so happy to see it re-invigorated with the arrival of the F-35 Fighter Jets and the international pilot training that has begun.  Not only is this a huge national security issue, it adds greatly to the economy of our state.

The F-35 has been in the planning and execution phase for more than 15 years and the price of each plane has dropped year after year.  I think we safely see this fighter quickly replacing the very old, but dependable F-16.  In fact, integrated missions are being flown out of Luke now.  It is a sign of a more secure future.

The new administration has pledged to equip our military with the best of everything and we believe the continued investment in the F-35 is win for our country for the next 40 years.


Diane Copeland

Cave Creek